Leon County Commission Meeting Briefs – Jun 8, 2021

Leon County Commission Meeting Briefs – Jun 8, 2021

The Leon County Commission met June 8, 2021. Provided below are notes from the meeting with links to additional information.

  • Sheriff Walt McNeil addressed a number of law enforcement issues at the Leon County Commission meeting on Tuesday evening. He told elected leaders that that from January 2021 to May 2021 violent crime in Leon County is down by 33%, rape is down by 37%, and robberies have stayed about the same when compared to January 2020 to May 2020. Read about his other comments here.
  • Commissioner Rick Minor recognized Jim Stevenson and Tara Tanaka for their efforts and commitment to conservation of 42 acres of sanctuary swamp. Jim and Tara recently received the Land Stewards of the Year award from the Florida Wildlife Federation.
  • Tyler Maldonado presented on the Knight Creative Institute’s, Art of the Box Community Project. The project is meant to discourage graffiti around Leon County, there are currently 15 wrapped boxes and there will be 28 more by the end of the year.
  • Claudia Blackburn detailed the public health update on COVID-19. The percentage of positive cases this week was 5.19% up slightly from 5.02% last week, possibly due to the recent holiday and travel. There were only 10 COVID related deaths in the month of May, whereas in January 2021 there were 76. Also, of those who are eligible to be vaccinated against COVID-19, 47% of that population have been inoculated.
  • Commissioner Brian Welch acknowledged the efforts the County to install safety enhancements on Meridian Road after two Chiles high students tragically lost their lives in a vehicular crash along a section of the road. Welch, noting the growth in traffic in northeast Leon County, encouraged “people to slow down and pay attention.” The item passed unanimously.
  • Vice Chair Bill Proctor declared House Bill 1, Combating Public Disorder, “disruptive to the first amendment.” Proctor stated “this legislative session we have seen democracy on the whole is on death row, and it’s too bad, the Florida legislature has made it more complicated to vote in our state.” That the state is looking to “the whitenizing of democracy as people of color are frustrated and suppressed for the right to vote.”
  • In a discussion regarding renewing contracts for the state lobbying firms used by the County, Commissioner Nick Maddox contended there should be an increase in funds from $70,000 to $85,000. With that increase, $25,000 should be used for minority lobbying firms in accordance with Minority- and Women- Owned Business Enterprise Program (MWBE), improving their chances to compete at a primary level.
  • The County Commission discussed the increase of the minimum wage for all Leon County employees. Many of the Commissioners feel the increase to $14 is a good starting point. Vice Chair Proctor stated that he “wanted to see $15 an hour and he hopes the Commission will be more aggressive next year” with a higher increase.
  • Many speakers offered their views on the Anti-Defamation League Resolution related to hate and extremism. Some were in favor for the resolution, while some were against it. One speaker, Michael Rosenthal remarked that the ADL Resolution should not be approved, it should be more inclusive and that it excludes Anti-Christian hate. Though there have been at least 61 attacks on U.S. Christian churches over the last year. The ADL Resolution was unanimously approved.
  • Brian Welch recognized Catherine McCall, a Chiles High senior who raised $85,000 for the Children’s Miracle Network, which is a childhood cancer research organization. McCall served as the executive director and president of the Chiles Dance Marathon and because of her efforts to raise money through the Dance Marathon she was named Leon County Schools’ Student Volunteer of the Year. 

8 Responses to "Leon County Commission Meeting Briefs – Jun 8, 2021"

  1. I use to view Proctor as certainly left leaning, but at least at times more reasonable minded. His race-bating Woke Supremest masters seem to have smacked him squarely into DemoKKKrat servitude.

    … sad when you’re not permitted to think for yourself. 🙁

  2. @Tony,

    Not being able to cheat at the polls the Democrats call that voter suppression.


    Please tell me it isn’t so…(Pittman)?

  3. “That the state is looking to “the whitenizing of democracy as people of color are frustrated and suppressed for the right to vote.”” …………… PLEASE tell me HOW Blacks are being suppressed when it comes to Voting. Are you saying that Blacks are to Stupid to show their Florida ID? If having to show ID to Vote is suppressing you then, STAY HOME.

  4. Ms. Blackburn may want to check her math, pretty sure 5.19% is less than 5.20%. But hey when did facts matter.

  5. Bill Proctor is a racist against white people and needs to be voted out of office. Read his comments above regarding House Bill 1.

  6. “The $1.8 million grant was approved for the TLH Arts “Performance and Rehearsal Space” project.” Is that money more seed money for that $175,000,000 Performing Arts Center, that the voters has voted down over and over again ?

  7. The only positive comes from Brian Welch and the recognition of Catherine Hall contributing to the Children’s Miracle Network, kudos!

    As for the others it is a complete farce, waste of energy, waste of time, and waste of our taxpayers money that Proctor, McNeil, Nick Maddox, and Cummings steal taxpayers dollars to enrich minority boondoggles, and I don’t believe one word of the report by Walt McNeil.

    Have a wonderful day!

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