Leon County Delays Naming Street After President Obama

Leon County Delays Naming Street After President Obama

During the meeting on Tuesday, the Leon County Board of County Commissioners delayed the renaming of a street in honor of former President Obama.

The Board did approve the renaming of a street in honor of Robert and Trudie Perkins Way.

Vice Chairman Proctor made a motion to postpone the vote on changing the name of E. Pensacola St., to Obama Street, stating the roadway is not appropriate for the name change. He asked the Commissioners and staff to continue to search for the best roadway to suit the renaming. After debate, the motion passed with a 5-2 vote to delay on the naming.

Also, Commissioner Nick Maddox suggested when a roadway is changed to honor President Obama, the name should not be Obama Street, but it should be President Barack Obama Lane.

Commissioner Brian Welch did not support the renaming of E. Pensacola St. after President Obama. He asserted, that renaming the street does not help create jobs in the community or fix potholes. He also said that the renaming of a street after a president can be viewed as partisan and will offend half of his constituents.

The Street Renaming Process

At a county meeting on May 11, 2021, the Board repealed and replaced the ordinance related to naming streets. The revision allows for the county and citizens to request a change to a current street name. The changes in the rules also resolved uniformity issues and clarified the Board’s authority for street renaming approval within the incorporated areas of the county.

During the same meeting in May, the Board requested information regarding what streets may be renamed to honor President Barack Obama. Likewise, during the November 10, 2020, City Commission meeting, it was requested that staff provide options for the renaming of a street to honor Robert and Trudie Perkins.

Robert and Trudie Perkins were longtime residents of Tallahassee and civil rights activists who played an instrumental role in the fight for social justice and economic equality for black residents in Tallahassee.

For the changes requested by the county, funds from the Departments of Environmental Management (DSEM) and Public Works will be procured for the costs of mail notifications/advertisements, and the installation of new street signs. Similarly, the city will be responsible for the cost of street signs and installation, as they initiated the request to rename a street to honor Mr. and Mrs. Perkins.

East Pensacola Street, from South Monroe Street to Franklin Boulevard, will be renamed Obama Street. The renaming of this roadway will eliminate a duplicate street name and will require fewest address changes among the 10 roadways evaluated for renaming.

In the case of honoring Robert and Trudie Perkins, Gamble Street, which runs east and west from M.L. King, Jr. Boulevard to FAMU Way, will be renamed Robert and Trudie Perkins Way. Roughly 48 addresses will be affected, many of these are located on the FAMU campus. On June 7, 2021, the City Commission received a letter of support from the FAMU President, Dr. Larry Robinson, to rename Gamble Street.

19 Responses to "Leon County Delays Naming Street After President Obama"

  1. Why are we considering street renames in solo? If we name a street after the 44th president then also name one after the 45th (TRUMP)…..he did more in 4 years for this country than all the rest in the last 20 years !!!

  2. Renaming a street after Obama is not a showing of respect for a former President, it is a showing of disrespect for white voters. More divisiveness is what we don’t need.

  3. There MUST be a street on the way to dump or sewer that could be used. Maybe over by the prison with the bail Bonds. Or maybe Basin Street. The gangs could change their name to the Obama street gang. I think this is great idea!?

  4. Please place Obama avenue near the hospital. I want to be reminded of the doctor I liked, but didn’t get to keep.

  5. Hmmm. So, the city would name a street for Obama but not Jesus? It would appear that Jesus has done a lot more for all the people in Tallahassee than Obama yet he is not being being considered .for a street to be named in his honor. Something bad wrong here….

  6. They should simply name the Marxist blm intersection after him. It was illegally planned, approved, and funded without public knowledge or input. Or just name a sewer lift station after him and cal it a day.

    President Obama set race relations back 60 years in the country, and is the founder of the DemoKKKrat insurrection and moral decline we’re dealing with today.

  7. From the satirical ‘It will never happen in flaming leftist still butt hurt over Orange Man Tallahassee files’
    Also your Commission announced to honor the lowest minority unemployment percentage Nation-wide in the history of ‘Forever’ we are renaming Monroe Street from Tennessee Street south to Orange Avenue Donald Trump Boulevard.
    Your Commissioners agreed in a unanimous vote followed by 5 minutes of non stop harrumphs’ as their way of showing their great joy. The beloved harrumphs’ were followed by a 10 minute standing ovation which was followed by closing down their favorite bar where everyone got so $h!t faced they all took the next day off to recover.

  8. @ W.W. … HOW is Obama even CLOSE to being a Great President let alone a Greatest President ever? His ranking is: Biden = Worse President Ever. Obama = 2nd Worse President Ever. Carter = 3rd Worse President Ever. TRUMP was the GREATEST PRESIDENT EVER. Obama isn’t even good enough to shine President Trump’s shoes.

  9. I can’t believe people aren’t upset with the street the county choose to rename Obama Street. That stretch of E Pensacola Street only has one condo unit that’s addressed on it and the rest of it is parking lots or government offices that face other roads. A little underwhelming for the greatest president ever.

  10. You should also name one of the Round-Abouts by FAMU “Jen Psaki Round-About” since she likes to “Circle Back”……..LOL

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