Leon County Administrator Discusses Vaccination Decision on CNN

Leon County Administrator Discusses Vaccination Decision on CNN

Leon County Administrator, Vince Long, talked with Boris Sanchez on CNN New Day this morning about his recent decision to make COVID vaccinations a condition for employment.

He also talked about the steps Leon County is taking to keep employees and the community safe amid the surge in COVID-19 cases caused by the Delta variant and the slowing rate of vaccinations.

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  1. Vaccines: generally (99%) good.*
    110+ treatment meds: generally good.**
    Infection rates: very low.
    Fatality rates (both proportion of population & proportion of those infected): extremely low.
    Privacy violations: vastly excessive.
    Hysteria: vastly excessive.
    Dictates/mandates: vastly excessive power-madness.

    * Yes, there are a few people with bad reactions, a fraction of a fraction of a fraction (just heard some suffer heart inflammation; there are treatments for that if it is caught early).

    ** At least a dozen effective nutritional & pharma preventatives & treatments, lots of “ought to work” based on known mechanisms & biochemistry. But they need medical supervision & custom adjustments depending on the individual, e.g. for preventing/stopping cytokine storms.

  2. I’ve gotta get out of this county. Classified ad reads, “In search of freedom loving county. Respects my right to choose and doesn’t threaten to divorce me if I don’t want to get the jab.”

  3. Since this is LOCAL, why not start with an in depth Interview with Steve Stewart at Tallahassee reports and Preston Scott on his Morning Radio Show?

  4. Hope asked,
    Again, why do nonprofits and government entities pay for people to go to the Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce Amelia Island junket?

    I’m trying to figure out how we can get the nonprofits and government entities to keep ’em at Amelia Island. I’d pitch in!

  5. If Long isn’t terminated for cause and with prejudice for this unilateral, egregious, illegal, and tyrannical act tomorrow morning… then the citizens/voters of Leon County should begin Recall measures on every Commissioner. If they do not act as a matter of constitutional, organizational, legal, and Oath of Office standing… then they have essentially surrendered their commitment to the aforementioned and abdicated their authority and usefulness, and therefore should be removed from elected public office forthwith.

    Do your job or get out… it’s that simple.

  6. Again, why do nonprofits and government entities pay for people to go to the Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce Amelia Island junket?

    Brian Welch, Vince Long, Rick Minor, Kristen Dozier, Carolyn Cummins, Jack Campbell, the entire School Board and Superintendent, Gary Yordon’s wife under a non-profit, Reese Goad, Mayor Scott Dailey, Wayne Tedder, Akin Akinyemi Property Appraiser, the Tallahassee Leon Federal Credit Union, Ben Pingree, taxpayer-funded Marpan’s Kim Williams, United Way, and numerous other nonprofits and taxpayer-funded entities, etc…

  7. I suggest Capital District employees either check in with Liberty Council or Millions Against Medical Mandates (MAMM.org). MAMM has some terrific forms you can share with these Covidstan Cultists, which include the Nuremburg Code on Human Experimentation as well as the illegality of forcing experimental, non FDA approved, Clot Shots on employees. There’s also a terrific employee rights form advising the employer of their liability if you are permanently disabled by a forced experimental Clot Shot.

    As for Vince Long, after the mask mandate nonsense of all last year, it’s no surprise he is a filthy, despicable, diabolical Covidstan Cultist along with the rest of the Capital District Kommissars. May God have mercy on their evil souls, he is all forgiving. As a sinner I am not, and will remember this at the ballot box. Kommissars, don’t forget what happened to that vile Kommissar Desloge last year. And Kommissar Welch in particular, take notice.

  8. Snidely Whiplash,
    Agreed! Vince Long just threw himself under the bus, no conservative push necessary. I wondered whether he was stupid, but he opened his mouth and removed all doubt.

  9. CNN smells fresh meat with Vince Long and Gov. DeSantis possibly bumping heads on opposite sides of the issue. What CNN dont know is DeSantis and all Florida conservatives have wisely written off Leon County and Tallahassee as a total loss to the left. Stupid CNN DeSantis is not going to take the bait and allow you to trash the finest Governor Florida has ever had.
    HAA HAA stupid CNN DeSantis will not lower himself to appear on your lame @55 network.

  10. This has Rick Minor written all over it as he is a political operative for the Democratic Party. As usual they go about things in reverse whereas this should go through the county kommissioners. But Administrator Long declares himself King with the blessing of Minor.

    A person who is truly concerned about humanity would go on CNN (Communist News Network) and declare Biden’s dereliction regarding the border a concern.

  11. When did the county administrator become the health czar? Why is he more qualified than the employees to make their health care decisions? What are his qualifications for such an act? Is he accepting responsibility if anyone should develop health problems from the vaccine (a certain percentage do)?

    There was an intelligent conversation about this today on Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast with the scientist who invented the technology used in these covid vaccines. Mr. Long and the BOCC should listen to it as well as anyone who wants to have a better understanding of the situation.

  12. You’re dead-nuts-on Hope… that this clown headed straight for CNN for damage control is proof positive that this is a partisan stunt and has nothing whatsoever to do with public safety. Furthermore, that his bosses (the BOCC) remain silent about his egregious, illegal, and tyrannical act is pathetic. Long is not and has not been “elected” by the people of Leon County to represent Leon County and it’s citizens.

    Attention members of the Leon County BOCC; claiming ignorance as a means of plausible deniability will not protect you on this. You are his bosses and you are fully responsible and accountable for his actions. Long should be terminated immediately for cause and with prejudice. Your choice is clear BOCC… either do your job or resign in disgrace.

  13. Right on schedule… PR stunts and CNN took the bait. So predictable… County Administrator Long must be CNN’s replacement for Andrew Gillum.

    Long should be fired immediately for putting a political agenda ahead of the public-at-large. CNN should be covering the Tallahassee Democratic Party’s corruption trial and Long’s involvement in the Waste Pro Fiasco corruption.

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