Leon County Commission Meeting Briefs, July 12, 2022

Leon County Commission Meeting Briefs, July 12, 2022

Listed below are notes from the July 12th Leon County Commission meeting.
During the Leon County Board of County Commission meeting, Leon County and the City of Tallahassee recognized Vincent S. Long for winning the 2022 International County/City Management Association’s Career Excellence Award.
Chairman Bill Proctor requested an information item come back to the Board for review on neighborhoods within city limits that may or may not receive city utilities that can be annexed into the city. Proctor contends that many communities should be annexed but are skipped over by the city due to voter suppression.
The Board approved, in a 6-0 vote, a public hearing to consider the issuance of a debt refinancing for Holy Comforter Episcopal School Inc. for the Tuesday, September 13 meeting. The school is seeking conduit financing and has paid the county’s non-refundable application fee of $15,000. Should the Board decide to approve conduit financing for the school, a financing fee equal to 1% of the principal amount ($40,519) or $5,000, whichever is greater, will be charged to the school per the Board’s adopted guidelines.
In a unanimous decision by the county commission, the Board approved the revision to Policy No. 21-6, “County Tourism Event Grant Programs.” The proposed policy revisions would codify the prohibition of the TDC considering out-of-cycle funding requests. The revision also clarifies how the “peak visitor period” is defined.
Elected officials heard an update on the algae bloom on Lake Munson. You can read the full details here.
The Board heard an update on the services provided by Waste Pro Inc. and the increase in complaints by residents. Commissioner Kristen Dozier suggested finding a new contractor for curbside collection services when Waste Pro’s contract is completed.

Several commissioners, including Commissioners Brian Welch and Rick Minor, stated they regularly receive complaints against Waste Pro Inc. and agree with Dozier to begin looking for new service providers. “As far as I’m concerned, Waste Pro is on notice,” Minor asserted.
The commission heard an update on the Tourist Development Tax funds allocated to the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA). There is talk regarding reallocating funds from the CRA to use for the Florida Civil Rights Museum, Inc.
In a unanimous vote, the Board approved and ratified the direction given by the commissioners during the budget workshop for the 2023 fiscal year. All 21 items were approved, except for an amendment made by Commission Cummings to approve a 5% pay increase for all county employees regardless of a salary cap. You can read the entire report here.
The county commissioners unanimously approved the acceptance of a $3.6 million grant to renovate the Old Concord School to become the Miccosukee Community Center. Additionally, as a condition of the Department of Economic Opportunity, the Board must adopt a policy granting protection to individuals engaging in non-violent civil rights demonstrations to receive the grant.
The Board appointed several citizen members to the Big Bend Health Council. Also, several members were reappointed to the CareerSource Capital Region Board and the Investment Oversight Committee. For more details, you can follow the link here.

18 Responses to "Leon County Commission Meeting Briefs, July 12, 2022"

  1. @ NE,

    Cardozo was not a very intelligent choice due to the baggage with Maddox. Bellamy’s statement if he was good enough for Obama… Obama picked Biden so what does that tell you?

    Their publicity stunts are going south, their negative campaign strategy only highlights that they have nothing to bring to the table, failing to promote what they could do instead they criticize their opponents when their opponents did the right thing. I believe we are watching a train wreck and I believe Cardozo will be going into a PR clean up situation soon.

  2. @ NE Moderate: David O’Keefe be the only candidate in County 5 who spoke against Doak, it’s the other things he said is why I won’t Vote for him.

    Mr. Hawkins…..Think about At Large Group 1 PLEASE, you are needed.

  3. Bellamy an absolute swamp monster. You see the recent Democrat reporting on his deep Maddox connections?

    David O’Keefe the only candidate in County 5 who spoke our against Doak.

  4. @Hope,

    Sounds good, thanks, for the info. on the Ag. Comm.

    I read something that made me think Dustin Rivest, for County Comm. district 5, is Republican.

  5. @ Barb,

    Well one good thing Ander no longer works for Ben Crump so some credit there.

    The Agriculture candidate is Wilton Simpson who seems to be very good and endorsed by many of the Florida Sheriff’s (except for the woke Sheriff’s).

    Simpson was the Senate president, a Republican, and the clear favorite.

  6. @Hope, @Edward

    Adner Marcelin worked for Ben Crump for over 10 years and Crump is endorsing him. If he is now promising something different, then he is basically asking people “who do you believe? Me or your lying eyes?”

    Ben Crump said Jeremy Matlow exceeded his expectations. Yikes! I guess he is partly referring to Matlow’s extensive campaign against the anti-riot bill. Maybe he’s also referring to other things we don’t even know about.

    Money is a big deal but I have a strong self-preservation instinct.

    I hope to hear, from both of you, about other candidates. For instance, do you know anything about the candidates for Commissioner of Agriculture?

  7. @ Edward,

    It is a shame people don’t listen to a candidate speak at their forum. A lot of information is missed that could make a difference.

    You missed one of the profound ideas and plans of action coming from someone who was endorsed by Ben Crump yet the idea and plan of action was something that Mr. Crump is so diametrically opposed to.

    Mr Maecelin nailed it; he had a plan of action to deal with a problem that could change the trajectory of someone headed for a life of crime and eventually having an impact on lowering the crime rate for our youth and overall.

    I was once speaking to a minority newspaper in their boardroom and I was given a certain amount of time to speak. The time was up and one of the members dismissed me, but the publisher of the paper said, wait a minute I want to hear you through. He let me continue and he endorsed me. It had to do with employers who spend millions on bundled contributions and don’t provide health insurance to their workforce. Then they want the elected officials to provide taxpayer-funded healthcare. Contract bids should get extra points for those employers who provide health care for their employees.

    A lot of bundlers are exploiting their workforce by not providing health insurance when they have the money to do so yet they divert the funds to the elected officials to buy votes for their special interests.

    Just like the largest bundler wants a taxpayers to pay for the stadium so he won’t be assessed for his luxury upgrades for his Skybox.

    If you vote for someone who accepts a bundle contribution you are voting for someone who exploits humanity on so many different levels.

    I have to respectfully disagree with you and Barb on this one on humanitarian grounds.

  8. @ Hope… your points are well taken, and I appreciates and often agree with your insight. Campaign contribution receive my due scrutiny to be sure, but money has never and will never guide my vote for anyone at any level of government. As for me, associations and actions way heavy in my decision-making process… and I have to agree with Barb on this. Anyone backed by Crump is an automatic no for me. IMO, Tallahassee needs new leadership from outside the standard cadre of career politicians and ideological activists who enjoy playing musical chairs with our city and county elected offices.

    I think one should apply a healthy degree of skepticism when considering those who rail against the “status quo”. Don’t misunderstand me here; the political “status quo” in Tallahassee is indeed a problem. But I always carefully consider whether those who rail ageist the current status quo are offering a real alternative, or just a different looking status quo of continued corruption and failure.

    We are at a monumental precipice in our city, county, state, nation, and world… and I too pray that God has his hands on it all.

  9. @ Edward,

    I picked up exactly the same thoughts on Johnson. You described Proctor perfectly.

    Until every single one of the candidates who accept bundled contributions are voted out Tallahassee will be corrupt and unable to move forward.

    Dianne Williams-Cox, Nick Maddox, Mayor Dailey, Bill Proctor, and David Bellamy accept bundled contributions.

    Ander Marcelin is far better than Dianne Williams Cox. I listened to him and he doesn’t promote the Ben Crump agenda. As a conservative I feel comfortable that he would be better than what we have now.

    Jeremy Matlow is taking the high road in his campaign. As a conservative and a Christian I feel he is better choice than his opponent. He wants transparency, he is more fiscally responsible, he isn’t tied to special interests, and he has the courage to stand up and question the status quo. He was against the CSC and Doak $27 million giveaway. He is more conservative than his opponent.

    Rivest wins the day for District 5.

    The two opponents in the County Commission At-Large race are better suited than Nick Maddox.

    The bundlers must go.

    I pray that God has his hand on these races as he did on the DeSantis/Gillum race.

  10. @Edward

    Ben Crump has endorsed:

    Jeremy Matlow
    Paula DeBoles Johnson
    Adner Marcelin

    I don’t want to live in Chicago either.

  11. I just spent considerable time researching all the County Commission candidates’ websites, flyers, and forum question responses. We’re in sad waters folks… but I digress.

    I received a flyer from Johnson, who is running for the District 5 seat… (stop with the hyphenated names people…be one person and own yourself)… anyhoo… her stuff was fairly impressive, until I read the “social equity” part. Society DOES NOT and CANNOT make you “equal”. Your success depends on you, and only you. Blaming other for your failures and bad choices is weak-minded and counterproductive. It is the antithesis of personal responsibility and enables those who seek power over you.

    As for district 1… Proctor has flashes of common sense, but he’s too locked into to the race card and blaming other for leadership failures. Get your head out of your ideological a$$ Bill… and be honest about the problem.

    Bellamy doesn’t impress me at all… but I’ll side with Steve on this. We’re just one seat away from being Chicago (my words, not his)… vote with your head people. Some of these elections will be decided in the Primary. Pay attention, do your homework… and VOTE.

    … more to come.

  12. Sad to say that ignorance, special interests, indifference, and corruption rule the day at city and county levels.

    Now if every city and county commissioner who voted for the Doak Stadium is voted out perhaps that will be money well spent.

    Breaking news!!

    Dianne Williams-Cox fails to attend local candidate forum in person, she attends candidate forum via online from Orlando. She was in Orlando for a sorority soiree to hear Kamala Harris speak. Sad to say and report to highlight where her priorities are with and they are not with the citizens of Tallahassee. VP Kamala Harris is more important to Dianne Williams-Cox. Sad to say that Nick Maddox was also not appearing in person to his candidate forum but via online. They are so entitled…

    BTW Williams-Cox was bested by her two opponents.

  13. How about using OUR tax dollars to maintain the power lines? I drove down Buck Lake Road today, and most of the lines were overhung with heavy tree branches, vegetation and vines. The first time high winds whip through Leon County there will be widespread power outages (and this is just ONE road!). I haven’t seen any tree services maintaining the power lines in a couple of years. Where are our tax dollars being used? This is critical, especially with the fast growth Leon County is experiencing.

  14. OT:
    Malique Richardson: a 24 year old who served 4 years in the U. S. Marine Corps was gunned down at the door of his home last Friday evening 7/8/22.
    Much like Dan Markell’s murder in many ways.
    Dont hold your breath for your leftist Nannies to parallel the Markel investigation, trial, or Media blitz coverage for Mr. Richardson. No not a one, from State Atty. Jackie Campbell to City/County leaders to our local leftist media.
    Why? Unfortuntally for Mr. Richardson and his family he was born a Black man. Likely a B on B crime which leftists care nothing about.
    Even now your leftist Nannies are jacking up their big old carpet full of stinking rotton bodies of all the Leon County/Tallahassee B on B crime victims.
    Yes they will be sweeping Mr. Richardson under that carpet so privledged white voters will get out and support our local Nannies upcoming elections.
    Such a disgrace for God’s sake the man was a US Marine and is likely headed for being swept under the local “we dont care” carpet where all local B on B crime goes.
    Citizens vote carefully this time.

  15. “Proctor contends that many communities should be annexed but are skipped over by the city due to voter suppression.”

    The City is and has been run by Democrats. Which of Mr. Proctor’s fellow Democrats have been suppressing the vote?

    Sounds like he’s just race-baiting. Without proof, I’ll have to give his statement 3 Pinocchios.

  16. OK, WHAT do you consider “NON-violent Demonstrations” because the Democrats in D.C. proved to us what THEY consider “NON-Violent” Demonstrations look like.

    Why not integrate the Florida Civil Rights Museum into the Museum at the R.A. Gray Building and save a ton of Money.

    Commissioner Proctor, I don’t think those Communities are skipped over by the city due to voter suppression. I think it may have to do to not being enough Money in it for the City, that those Communities could be a Drain on their Coffers.

    $3.6 million grant to renovate the Old Concord School? REALLY? WTH?

  17. Just a few comments… If I may…

    1. Proctor’s annexation comments are ignorant. Annexation is about who gets the property taxes, not who gets the votes. He fails to mention that those properties that are outside the City limits, but receive city services… are hit with a “County” fee (aka: tax) so Leon can get their piece of the action. Stop race-baiting and start leading… clown.

    2. The TDC needs a thorough audit of their books from top to bottom. Taxpayers would be shocked at how their monies are being grafted.

    3. Good call by Dozier on Waste Pro. Their service levels are hideous and getting worse by the day. They are completely unresponsive to their overwhelming number of customer complaints.

    4. TDT funds going to the CRA is a misappropriation scam and it needs to stop.

    5. $3.6 million to renovate a shack (no matter its historical value) is an unbelievably obvious waste of our tax dollars… not to mention the conditional requirement to toss the Marxist and anarchical RICO operations like blm a bone.

    … that is all… for now 😉

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