Transportation Board Nixes Median Proposal for North Monroe

The Capital Regional Transportation Planning Agency (CRTPA) met on Monday and the issue drawing the most attention was the proposal to place a median on North Monroe between 7th Avenue and Tharpe Street. CRTPA board members heard a presentation form a transportation consultant and the opinions of business owners affected by the construction of a […]

As Fuel Costs Decrease, City Staff Proposes Base Rate Increase in Electric Rates for 2013

During the January 28th, 2013 City Commission Financial Viability Target Issue Committee Meeting, city staff informed city commissioners Gillum and Maddox that fuel costs for the electric utility would decrease by approximately $10.5 million in 2013. However, the commissioners were also told that base rates would have to be increased by approximately $8.0 million. Base […]

If You Want To “Share The Road”, Pay Up

I was driving down the street the other day and noticed a yellow bumper-sticker on the back of an SUV that said, “Three Feet, It’s The Law!” The implication being that if you don’t give a bicyclist three feet that you are subject to being cited. As a bicycle rider myself that bumper-sticker made me […]

The Cost of Doing Business Varies Within Leon County

The Cost of Doing Business Varies Within Leon County

With the economy still struggling, the importance of creating new jobs is becoming more and more important. Locally, we have heard for years about the impediments of job creation. These obstacles include high electric rates, the challenges at Tallahassee Regional Airport, and the permitting process. With the flow of money so tight, an extra expense […]