Freedom 93 FM Changes Line-up

Freedom 93 FM Changes Line-up

Freedom 93 FM, a Tallahassee local talk radio station, is changing their line-up.

The station, which hit the airwaves a couple of years ago, was faced competing with talk radio veterans like Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.

Their response was a line-up with big names of their own.

Herman Cain anchored 9-12, while Laura Ingraham appeared 12-3 pm, and Michael Savage, who was rated as the fourth most popular talk radio host according to Talkers magazine, squared off against Hannity from 3-6pm.

Now, line-up changes, devised by Freedom 93 Regional Manager Barry Kaye, will attempt to tap into younger listeners while maintaining a presence with the traditional talk radio audience.

“I see a trend that is leaning toward younger and more diverse hosts and these line-up changes address that trend,” said Kaye.

Freedom’s morning line-up will stay the same with the Will Dance Show from 6-9 followed by Herman Cain from 9-12.

The changes begin during the 12-3 pm time slot opposite of the Rush Limbaugh Show. The Laura Ingram Show will be replaced by the Rick and Bubba Show.

Kaye said “it is tough going head to head with Rush, so we are making a change that will give listeners a different option during this time period.”

Rick_and_Bubba_pic 6-3-15
Rick and Bubba

The Rick and Bubba show is described as an engaging and fast-paced coverage of timely and topical subjects which is heard on over 60 radio stations in 15 Southern states. They lean on the conservative side politically, and often refer to their Christian faith while on the air.

Their unique and distinctively Southern style and delivery includes lively debates and robust interaction with their high-profile guests, on-air listeners and live studio audience.

The other major change at the station includes the 9-11pm time slot. Previously, this slot was taken by Free Talk Live, a libertarian talk show originating in New Hampshire.

Dana_Loesch pic 6-3-15
Dana Loesch

Appearing in this time slot now is Dana Loesch.

Dana Loesch hosts an award-winning, nationally syndicated daily radio show, The Dana Show: The Conservative Alternative from Dallas, Texas. Kaye told Tallahassee Reports that Dana’s original brand of young, punk-rock, conservative irreverence has found a fast-growing audience in multiple mediums.

She’s feisty and fearless without being abrasive and shrill. She connects with younger listeners while still appealing to a core talk demographic. She describes herself as a “conservatarian.”

These changes, with the recent addition of the Tampa Bay Buc games, show that the Freedom 93.3 is not afraid to take risks to try and improve their standing in the highly competitive world of conservative talk radio.

6 Responses to "Freedom 93 FM Changes Line-up"

  1. Bring Laura back! If I wanted to listen to Rick and Bubba, I’d listen to the Panama City stations. So, after Will Dance, I don’t listen.

  2. If I wanted opinions from someone named “Bubba”, I’d go over to my cousins house.

    Lets see…The lovely and vivacious Laura Ingraham, or a morbidly obese proselytizing Baptist named “Bubba”?

    Good thing I have XM satellite radio.

    P.S. Not that there is anything wrong with Baptist, at least not the thin ones anyway.

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