Small Businesses Threatened by Litigation

Dear Editor, As we almost get through this last wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, Florida businesses can at least rest assured that lockdowns are behind us. And during the summer, thanks to favorable public health guidelines here in Florida, vacationers have descended upon the Sunshine State and second home sales are as hot as ever. […]

Invest in Fiber Broadband

The pandemic has shown us how crucial a fast, reliable internet connection is. Whether it’s online learning, remote work, or staying connected to family, we can’t keep up without it. In 2021, it’s almost shocking that any community in the U.S. lacks access to fast and reliable high-speed internet, but that’s the reality for roughly […]

Lawsuits are Driving Up Healthcare Costs

Dear Editor, The COVID-19 pandemic has been a wakeup call for many people to start taking their healthcare more seriously. Unfortunately, for many Florida workers, paychecks have not kept pace with skyrocketing health insurance premiums and deductibles. This has only gotten worse with rising inflation rates that make everything more expensive. Healthcare experts are telling […]

Rising Cost of Home Insurance a Concern

Rising Cost of Home Insurance a Concern

As a Florida contractor, I continue to be concerned about the future of our economy. Yes, we are red hot right now in almost every market in Florida, and developers, home-builders, and realtors are making plenty of money. But Florida’s real estate market has always been on a boom-and-bust cycle, and factors come into play […]