My View: Killearn Country Club

My View: Killearn Country Club

By: Tico Gimbel, Mike Illers and Gino Betta (Three member panel) Killearn Country Club (KCC) has been a thriving component of community life in Tallahassee for nearly fifty years. With the current special restrictive covenants set to expire in 2021, the club is now at a crossroads. Mr. Barton Tuck, the owner of KCC, notified […]

Domestic Diversionary War Theory

“Diversionary War Theory” states that leaders who are threatened by domestic turmoil may initiate an international conflict in order to shift the nation’s attention away from internal troubles. Alternatively, “Domestic Diversionary War Theory” has the same objective by pitting group against group. Domestic diversionary war plays on fear and envy in group politics. An additional […]

Cost Saving Ideas Requested by Governor-elect Scott

I found it interesting that our Governor-Elect Rick Scott has kicked off a new initiative he calls “Florida 2.0 – your opportunity to tell Tallahassee how you want to see state government reformed. There are so many ways for citizens and state agencies to interact, but this challenge will provide direct access for you to tell me how Tallahassee can serve you better and be better stewards of your tax dollars.”