City of Tallahassee Budget Debate Begins

City Manager Anita Favors Thompson presented her proposed budget for fiscal year 2014 to the City Commission on Wednesday. The preliminary $854 million budget included a General Fund deficit, but the final proposal addressed the deficit through a $2.3 million property tax increase, a $2 million increase in the electric utility transfer, and a $3 […]

Frustration Boils Over At CRA Meeting, Policy Goals Finally Adopted

Frustration Boils Over At CRA Meeting, Policy Goals Finally Adopted

The Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) Board finally voted to accept five broad policy goals, but not before frustration among some members boiled over. City Commissioner Scott Maddox, visibly frustrated, said, “it is hard for me to imagine a more confusing process. This is absurd and ridiculous! There have been six hours of meetings and we […]

Marks, Lindley Offer Strong Support to PAC

A lot happened at the CRA Board meeting today. The CRA Board voted to spend almost $200,000 on leasing parking spaces near the Gaines Street corridor and a consultant that will offer a strategic assessment of downtown Tallahassee. The CRA staff said that the parking places would help “support retail development” in the area. Mayor […]

Tallahassee Historic Preservation Process Raises Questions

Tallahassee Historic Preservation Process Raises Questions

Free Money!!  The City of Tallahassee will give away hundreds of thousands of dollars to someone–in fact many someones–for the renovation and repair of their old houses.  They’ve already done it for many people, and the funds are there to keep going with more handouts!  All you need is an old house, and an understanding […]

Corruption in Tallahassee? FBI to Decide.

Corruption in Tallahassee? FBI to Decide.

On September 15, 2010, Commissioners Ziffer, Lightsey, and Gillum joined forces with Mayor John Marks to approve the city’s participation in a $1.6 million federal grant with partners that included the Alliance for Digital Equality (ADE) and The Go Beyond Foundation.

After talking to sources, it has been determined that several documents have been turned over to the FBI because of concern about the relationship between Mayor John Marks and the vendors included in the grant application.

COT Lobbyists Ordinance Allows For Secret Communication

Tallahassee Reports has learned that the COT proposed ordinance to register lobbyists will allow lobbyists to secretly communicate with city commissioners and city staff about pending proposals and contracts. The current Leon County ordinance prohibits such communication and requires written correspondence. At the upcoming City of Tallahassee Commission meeting, there will be a public hearing […]

How Many Aides Do COT Commissioners Have?

During a recent public hearing on the COT budget, a number of citizens criticized Mayor Marks for having four aides. Each time a citizen leveled the charge, Mayor Marks shook his head as to say no that is not the case. A quick perusal of the budget for the Office of the Mayor indicates there are […]

Did City Commissioners Violate City Charter With Compensation Vote?

The investigation and research into the April 13, 2005 vote by the City Commission, which resulted in an approximate increase of  $22,000 in City Commissioner compensation, continues to reveal new details and raise troubling questions. Tallahassee Reports has learned that the elected City Commissioners are the only city employees who receive employer paid deferred compensation. The benefit afforded […]