Florida’s Most Powerful City Manager

Florida’s Most Powerful City Manager

Research by Tallahassee Reports indicates that Anita Favors-Thompson is the most powerful City Manager in the state of Florida. This finding is based on a comparison of the formal powers of city managers of major cities in Florida, actions taken by Anita Favors-Thompson and interviews with community leaders. While Anita Favors-Thompson receives high approval ratings […]

Tallahassee Regional Airport Has Higher Than Average Fuel Prices

Tallahassee Reports has researched the price of aircraft fuel and found that Tallahassee Regional Airport offers above average fuel prices to its customers. The information was collected from internet websites that provide up-to-date fuel information for every airport in the nation. There are two kinds of aircraft fuel: JET A fuel and 100LL fuel (AvGas). […]

COT Reserve Funds Exceeds $172 Million

With the Tallahassee City Commission taking a serious look at raising taxes and cutting services, Tallahassee Reports – and a number of other interested citizens – have begun to dig into the proposed 2010 budget. Tallahassee Reports has focused its analysis on the City’s “Reserve Accounts.”  The City has reserve accounts for the General Fund, Electric Fund, […]