Florida’s Most Powerful City Manager

Florida’s Most Powerful City Manager

Research by Tallahassee Reports indicates that Anita Favors-Thompson is the most powerful City Manager in the state of Florida. This finding is based on a comparison of the formal powers of city managers of major cities in Florida, actions taken by Anita Favors-Thompson and interviews with community leaders. While Anita Favors-Thompson receives high approval ratings […]

Charter Review Committee Says No To Change In Electric Utility Structure

On April 6, 2008 the Tallahassee Charter Review Committee began to take votes on recommendations to be forwarded to the City Commission. The Committee voted 5-4 to formally establish the responsibility of the Mayor in area of economic development, regional cooperation efforts, and diplomatic relations. The Committee voted 5-4 to pursue the establishment of an airport […]

Commissioner Katz Addresses Tallahassee Charter Review Committee

The Tallahassee Charter Review Committee (CRC) held its sixth meeting today at City Hall with presentations made by City Commissioner Allan Katz and Bill Roberts of the Florida Airports Council. Mr. Katz’s presentation centered around preparing Tallahassee for the next 5-10 years. It was clear in his comments that he does not believe that the current […]

Is It Time For A Tallahassee Utility Board?

The Tallahassee Charter Review Committee has been meeting over the last two months with the charge of reviewing possible changes to the Tallahassee City Charter. Among the issues that have been discussed is a separate regulatory board for the utility functions of the city. After five months of research, including dozens of interviews with city employees and Tallahassee […]

Tallahassee Charter Review Committee Begins Staking Out Positions

Like a bear cub trying to determine what to do with the porcupine he has cornered, the Tallahassee Charter Review Committee continued to tiptoe around the major issues until the final 45 minutes of their 5th meeting today when the positions of the committee members were revealed. The issue that garnished the most attention was the role of the […]