City Employee Pension Costs are a Silent Budget Killer

City Employee Pension Costs are a Silent Budget Killer

The City Commission has avoided raising property taxes this year and instead has relied on an increase in the gas tax and one time transfers from reserve funds to reach a balanced budget. The recent workshops on the City’s budget have revealed that one of the major dynamics driving the $5 million general deficit this year […]

Proposed City Spending Outpaces Consumer Spending

The fiscal year 2014 budget process is officially under way. During last weeks City Commission meeting, Raoul Lavin, the City’s budget guru, gave City Commissioners a progress report on the previous year and a look at the 2014 general fund budget. Mr. Lavin told the Commissioners that as of now, the general fund budget for […]

City Staff Projects $5 Million Deficit for General Fund in 2014

At the City Commission meeting this week, city staff will provide commissioners with their first budget update for the 2014 cycle. The update will provide information on how the budget for 2013 is matching up with actual spending and a forecast of the 2014 General Fund. Information for the other funds, including electric and gas, […]

COT Has Been Spending Reserves Each Year Since 2006

To understand where you are, sometimes it is useful to look at where you have been. With the recent approval of a 15% property tax increase to plug the hole in the COT’s General Fund, Tallahassee Reports decided to take a look back. The first task was to look back at the budgets over the previous […]

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