Is the Tallahassee Democrat Becoming Irresponsible?

On Thursday, March 12, 2009, a front page article featured a picture of Jack Diestelhorst,  the founder and co-owner of Notary Public Underwriters in Tallahassee, Florida standing on the roof of his office building  next to a 25-kilowatt solar system. The Democrat caption boldly states ” the rooftop solar system is projected to cut firm’s annual […]

Green Era Priorities Trump Child Safety Programs

In the 2009 budget, the Tallahassee City Commission cut $50,000 from the elementary school crossing guard program and cut another $30,000 by eliminating the DARE program. However, in November of 2008  the City of Tallahassee found $89,000 to donate to the Leon County School system for the “Schools on Solar Program.” Why?…In a letter, responding  to the […]

Solar Panels at Trousdel Atheletic Center Not Living Up To Expectations

Questions to Ponder While Reading Should The City of Tallahassee Assign a Cost With “Going Green” Initiatives? Do You Think “Going Green” Initiatives Should Be Promoted By Government and Implemented By Individuals or Implemented by Government? Should the Cost of “Going Green” Initiatives Determine Which Initiatives Should Be Implemented? In late-2000 the City of Tallahassee […]