CONSULTANT: COT Electric Needs $178 Million In Higher Rates

CONSULTANT: COT Electric Needs $178 Million In Higher Rates

Tallahassee Reports has obtained a copy of the 140 page draft report of the electric rate case study that has been discussed over the last several months. The study is highly technical and full of detailed tables. Tallahassee Reports has reviewed the information, and what follows, is an attempt to take highly technical information and […]

Buy Local or…Buy Honeywell!

With a number of locally owned businesses struggling in this depressed economy, the rally cry from business owners and government officials is “buy local.”  Shortly after the Mayor of Tallahassee started “buy local Saturday’s”, the City Commission adopted a local preference for city procurement with the goal of providing more business opportunities to locally owned […]

City Budgeting – a Tale of Perverse Priorities

Our recent analysis of spending on “green” programs has documented the clear priority of city leadership in achieving the “living green” dream. Green expenditures in the fiscal year 2009 budget include $10 million for smart meters, $7 million for energy conservation, and $300,000 for the creation of the green department. These 3 programs total $17,300,000 in spending in […]

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