A City of Tallahassee Budget Summary

In an effort to provide important information to our readers, listed below is a summary of city expenditures approved in the fiscal year 2009 budget. The items listed below represent over 95% of the $841 million 2009  city budget.

Department 2009 Budget
Electric Utility $462,896,000
Sewer $51,767,000
Police $47,952,000
Gas $47,349,000
Water $30,226,000
Fire Services $27,911,000
Treasurer-Clerk $24,587,000
Solid Waste $22,500,000
Parks & Rec $19,320,000
Public Works $16,182,000
Storm Water $15,941,000
Star Metro $15,642,000
Airport $12,996,000
Economic Development $7,218,000
Growth Management $6,799,000
Executive Services $4,913,000
Human Resources $3,119,000
City Attorney $2,947,000
Planning $2,758,000
Environmental Policy & Energy Resources $1,555,000
City Commision/Mayor $1,447,000
Communications $1,170,000
Equity & Workforce Development $889,000
City Auditor $834,000

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  1. now, what is the difference between what the city sells power for (ie what we are charged) and what the city pays for purchasing the natural gas used for said generation, as well as the salaries and benefits for ALL the folks who staff “your own utilities”.

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