Video of Commissioner Lightsey Going to Bat for Consumers

Last week posted an article about the City Commission meeting on April 7, 2009 at which there was a discussion regarding Tallahasse’s carbon footprint. has obtained a video of Commissioner Lightsey’s comments.

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Commissioner Lightsey’s comments during last
week’s City Commission meeting.

Commissioner Lightsey commented that the City should wait and conduct further research into the various options available, as well as consider any possible future taxes and offsets before launching into an RFP process for any new energy projects.

She defended the customer base saying that the customers already pay higher rates because of the various carbon reducing programs and that adding any further projects without some sort of offset would be “a very very hard sell.” She would later say that City is “already very clean” and that at some point “someone’s got to speak for the customer base.”

The video showcases her comments in their entirety.

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  1. It’s about time that someone on that city commission board had the balls to voice the opinions of the community. Ironic that it was Commissioner Lightsey. I’m not sure about her track record, but from the commission meetings that I have seen in person & on T.V. she does not mind voicing her opinion especially if what she is hearing is B.S. Keep up the good work Commissioner Lightsey. Who else on the board will stand up for the poor little city folk? Did you notice Mayor Marks get a little surprised when she interrupted him in the middle of him talking about community involvement when they don’t even have any info to discuss. Another political game being played by our beloved elected officials.

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