City Hoards Millions During Recession, While Leon School Board Cuts 150 Teachers

So you think the City of Tallahassee spends millions on electric utility conservation programs? Wrong! The City of Tallahassee collects millions for conservation programs.

A data request by Tallahassee Reports indicates that the City of Tallahassee budgeted close to $15.5 million to various conservation programs for fiscal year 2008, which began on October 1, 2007.

At the end of fiscal year 2008, the City of Tallahassee had expended less than $1 million on conservation programs. This left approximately $14.5 million that rolled over to fiscal year 2009.

The fiscal year 2009 budget for the various conservation programs added approximately $3.2 million to the rolled over amount from 2008 for a total fiscal year 2009 budget of approximately $19 million.

As of May 15, 2009, over 7 months into the fiscal year, the City of Tallahassee has spent less than a million dollars leaving a balance of over $17 million.

The lack of urgency towards the conservation programs is in stark contrast to the urgent problems faced by the Leon County School Board. Over the last three years the Leon County School Board has cut approximately $35 million due to the downturn in the economy. This includes a cut of approximately 150 teachers for the upcoming school year.

In addition, the School Board is faced with the real possibility of a revenue shortfall from the state coffers beginning with the 2009 school year.  A shortfall of more than $4 million will result in more cuts during the school year.

Consider this: The City of Tallahassee could use the $17 million of unspent conservation money collected over the last two years to cover the electric utility bill of the Leon County School Board for the next two years. This would allow the School Board to return 150 teachers back to the classroom.

What do you think about this proposal?

12 Responses to "City Hoards Millions During Recession, While Leon School Board Cuts 150 Teachers"

  1. Education is hurting in this economic downturn, and I think it’s great that the city is willing to help out. I know some very good teachers (my wife is a teacher) that are going to lose their jobs this year because of the budget cuts (thankfully my wife isn’t one of them). Help them out, and help the students out as well. The teachers I know will work their tails off to show their appreciation for this.

  2. I support this proposal. It seems rational and logical. I also do not in any way support the additional five cent gas tax. I have never seen my real estate taxes go down. The article that states that revenues from taxes will drop seems to be a rash statement. I will attend on 6/9 to support this proposal and oppose the gas tax.

  3. The City of Tallahassee hoarding money is an outrage and should not be tolerated. If the City of Tallahassee has funds left over – they should allow others to use those funds and not keep it for themselves. That is selfish and unprofessional! They should hand the money over to the Leon County School Board in order that they can use the much needed money and keep their employees.

  4. Mark, first I agree with your solutions to those _ _ _ _ _ in office. In fact start with them and go right up the ladder to the State and Federal Politicians. Vote ’em all out!

  5. As a retired city employee I saw lots of changes in the way the city does business. Refering to Mark and his comment about the Police and Fire Dept employeees, those departments get a guaranteed raise every year unlike the non union employees. When Kleiman was City Manager he always looked out for the non union employees, this set of administrators look out after the union employees and the heck with the non union guys. The non union employees have been hit with smaller raises, parking fees and a more stringent vehicle policy that does not apply to union employees. If I were still there I WOULD vote on union representation even though the upper management used to be against it. You can bet that layoff and furlougs WILL affect only non union employees. Every year the managers talk about a tight budget until its time for their raises which is usually about 4 months after the general employees get theirs.

  6. “White Trash Bash small and under control” If they only had the $175 Million Dollar ‘Performing Arts Center…everything would be fine….

  7. I noticed that the City found money for two “doggie relief stations” at the Tallahassee airport. (Wonder how many dogs belong to a frequent flyer program?).
    Did this non essential waste (no pun intended) of money cost a lot…NO…the point is that it is NON ESSENTIAL !!
    Don’t they get it? If the mayor and commissioners would stop listening to their interns and staff on these issues and just listen to the citizens…they would get a clue.

  8. When this site started, I understood that it was to be an independent factual based web site for the citizens of Tallahassee. This article continues to reinforce the fact that the arthors are bias against almost anything the City or Mayor does. Too bad.

  9. Why use the money when the State Legislators when the counties have the right to raise our gas prices. Which will happen in June as they have indicated.

  10. I am thinking they could have cut our rates even more a few months back and we would still have been okay…

  11. Chuck…so when did it become OK for the City to take our money for essential services and then tell police and fire that they have no more money. They always have enough for this “green” garbage they keep forcing upon us.
    Throw all the jerks out of office.

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