Commissioner Mustian Weighs In On Compensation Issue

The research into the deferred compensation issue continues to reveal new information. Today, Commissioner Mark Mustian, the only Commissioner that voted against the measure, stated the following:

I saw the deferred compensation as an increase in salary and my view was that is was something that needed to be addressed in the City Charter.

Further research has determined that the key question to be answered is who gave the go-ahead for the the deferred compensation for the elected officials to be employer paid?

The question has been submitted to the City in the form of a data request.

2 Responses to "Commissioner Mustian Weighs In On Compensation Issue"

  1. “Deferred compensation”? Huh. So, a majority of the city commisssioners have determined that they’ve “earned” more than they’ve been getting paid, and generously agree to put off receiving those extra earnings until after they leave office (and any future offices and government employment)?

    Sounds fun. Can just anybody play this game?

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