County Commission and City Commission Vote For Imagine Tallahassee Proposal

The County and City Commission approved the Leon County Sales Tax Committee’s recommendation to enter into public/private partnership with Imagine Tallahassee to conduct a community visioning exercise for the economic development portion of the proposed sales tax.

On February 1, 2013, the Committee approved a proposal lead by Karen Moore and Jim Murdaugh. The proposal is to work with Imagine Tallahassee Inc., to conduct a community visioning exercise to guide the use of the economic development portion of the sales tax. An overview of Imagine Tallahassee was provided that calls for the Sales Tax Committee to set aside up to 15% of the sales tax for economic development and hire a professional consultant to lead a community visioning process for sustained economic vitality and develop an associated action plan. As a public/private partnership, Imagine Tallahassee would raise funds through the private sector to fully fund a consultant of its choosing, while the County and City would offer staff support. The Committee approved this concept and sought approval from the County and City Commissions to support the visioning process and approve staff participation.

The Leon County Sales Tax Committee endorsed and recommended to the City and County that a 25-member Citizen Steering Committee (Steering Committee) be formed to assist the consultant that would be brought in to guide the visioning process. The utilization of a Steering Committee was designed to engage citizens, businesses, higher education, and governmental partners in a strategic visioning process, which will promote collaboration and focus our collective efforts to enhance our competitiveness, attract and retain talent, and foster sustainable job growth to ensure our community’s economic vitality. The Steering Committee would be subject to Florida Sunshine Laws and comprised of representatives, or their designees, from community organizations.

Imagine Tallahassee is a private, not for profit entity that was created on January 28, 2013 and listed J.T. Burnette, a local developer and Kim Rivers, a current member of the Sales Tax Committee, as directors. The state registration was amended on February 8th to remove Kim Rivers as a director.

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  1. The County has wasted thousands maybe more on this Visioning in the past,,it was a waste then it will be a waste of money now,, the Vision of this Community changes every time we elect a new person to the Commission,, IE, Balirstone road, Chiles High school ,, The power plant at St, Marks.. Etc…. JP

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