City Target Issue Committee Moves Forward with Airport Master Plan and Hears About the College Park District

The City of Tallahassee’s Long Range Target Issue Committee met today at City Hall. Commissioner Nancy Miller and Commissioner Scott Maddox head the committee. The mission of this committee is to focus on areas that will enhance community standards, and propose and implement effective solutions for managing growth and planning for future development of the community.

The major news out of the meeting was the committee’s desire to move as quickly as possible with the Airport Terminal Master Plan. Sunil Harman, the Airport Director, introduced a consultant who made a presentation about the plan and the strategy to develop a sense of place at the airport that will be more inviting to customers and generate more revenues that will help the Airport to continue recover lost market share.

Commissioner’s Miller and Maddox were clearly exiting about the project and directed staff to get the plan in front of the full commission as soon as possible.

The committee also heard a presentation about the Greenway Master Plan and a proposal to connect, by bike paths, the major greenways in Leon County – the cost $29 million. The proposal has already been presented to Sales Tax Committee for possible consideration in the next round of Blueprint.

And finally, the committee heard from FSU Urban Planning Students, who have been charged with devising a developmental plan to spur economic growth within the College Park District, which is an area around College Avenue between downtown Tallahassee and FSU.

The presentation focused on the need for infrastructure improvements that will be needed before any private sector development will take place. Sources say the infrastructure improvements were in the pipe line before the economy turned sour.

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