Marks, Lindley Offer Strong Support to PAC

A lot happened at the CRA Board meeting today.

The CRA Board voted to spend almost $200,000 on leasing parking spaces near the Gaines Street corridor and a consultant that will offer a strategic assessment of downtown Tallahassee.

The CRA staff said that the parking places would help “support retail development” in the area. Mayor Marks asked staff to look into “parking meters with no poles.”

The main part of the meeting was devoted to a presentation from representatives of the Florida Center for Performing Arts Center and Education. The presenters sought support of Board members for a new Performing Arts Center to be located downtown. The presentation focused on the quality of life and economic benefits of the project. Bob Inzer, an advocate for the project, stated that we “should not expect the PAC to be financially self supporting.”

After the presentation, Board members weighed in.

When told that the project will result in over 300 sustainable jobs, Commissioner Scott Maddox responded, “this is not plausible to me.”

Commissioner Mary Ann Lindley: “I really like this project and believe the community will eventually support it.”

Mayor John Marks: ” I support this project. I would support something grander. I want a water fountain in the design.”

Commissioner Andrew Gillum:  “We are rolling a boulder up a hill. I fully endorse the complete vetting of this project.”

Commissioner Gill Ziffer: “I really want to believe in this project . The projections are a crapshoot. I would like to know what our citizens think.”

Commissioner Kristen Dozier:”My concern is on operating expenses.”

Commissioner Bill Proctor: “We need a performing central water and sewer system throughout the southside before we contemplate a performing arts center downtown.”

The next stop for the PAC is the Leon County Sales Tax Committee on Friday.







8 Responses to "Marks, Lindley Offer Strong Support to PAC"

  1. “I want a water fountain in the design”…..and while you’re in the designing phase you blithering idiot, why don’t you add some giant 24 karat golden unicorns jumping over crystal dolphins in your fountain you want everyone else to pay for!! What a buffoon.

  2. How can it have 300 sustainable jobs and yet we are not to expect it to be financially self supporting…huh?? Who’s sustaining the jobs??

  3. Let me try and makes sense out of all this; we have an airport that is taxpayer supported, mass transit that is being supported by folks that do not use it, we spend money on bike routes that are consistently being ignored by bikers (how ’bout bike license plates??), we have a Mayor who is a complete ass, not to mention belonging to a party that preaches against welfare for the wealthy which is basically what this is and I to somewhat agree (gack) with Bill Proctor except I just say the monies can be put to better use almost anywhere.

  4. ( Do You know just how this talk sounds about Building a $52+ Million Dollar Performing Arts Center to most Working People and Unemployed People who have lost there jobs ,some their homes in these hard times ,with Cut backs in Police, fire, teachers and other services etc.,etc.?) And then to read in the Democrat the The City and CountyCommissioners are Going Full Speed ahead without ‘even’ a ‘Vote’ of It’s Citizens to see if we tax payers want to pay for the Rich, elite peoples playground!!! —(This Reminds me of that old saying About ;How do you feed a white elephant to people who don’t want to eat it ? ‘One Small Bite AT A Time’…). This kind of stuff may be fueling the “throw the Bums Out”—–feeling….In many Voters Minds Now Days………

  5. “One in four Floridians live near poverty line”

    “Most Floridians living in poverty have families, and the situation has been made worse by an 11 percent decline in incomes during the downturn.”

    But they Just ‘NEED’ a Performing Arts Center! Some would say In Tallahassee!

  6. I can’t believe that I agree with Mr. Proctor on something. Someone should let Ms. Lindley know that her liberal bias is showing again. I would expect nothing else from Mayor Marks. Anything goes as long as he is not paying for it with his own money.
    I love the arts and have been very active in community theatre. This is not a project that the public should be expected to fund. If you cannot find the private funding to build this dream, then you need to let it go. Local groups have already advised that the size and cost of rental would prohibit them from using the facility. Mr. Inzer’s comment that we “should not expect the PAC to be financially self supporting” is ridiculous. The comissioners, both city and county, need to listen to the majority of the people and not just the people with a majority of money and influence.

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