Jobs and Beautification Discussed at Target Issue Meeting

Jobs and Beautification Discussed at Target Issue Meeting

Target Issue MeetingAt the most recent Innovation & Engagement TI meeting, jobs and the beautification of Lake Ella were the topics of conservation.

Senior Vice president of Brendan Cotter, kicked off the presentation enthused to introduce a social media tool that “takes advantage of frequently used technology and connects job seekers with future employers.”

Cotter described the website as a “dating site between employers and job seekers.”

This website launched in January 2012, and according to Cotter has 75,000 individuals and and 5,000 businesses using the services. Cotter has worked with cities such as Atlanta, Houston and Newark, NJ.

The talks of this site seemed to take interest as questions and excitement filled the room of 25 people. The site, if approved, would create a custom brand app for Tallahassee allowing mobile-device users to be alerted with possible job openings in an area.

The Director of Department of Parks, Recreation and Neighborhood Affairs Dee Crumpler added to the pace of the conversation by announcing that Lake Ella won the “coolest hang out spot in town” award voted by Florida State University students.

Crumpler’s presentation addressed Lake Ella’s management request to beautify the park between the sidewalk and lake’s edge.

The main problems around the lake, according to Crumpler, are flooding, lack of beauty and the Muscovy ducks stripping the vegetation.

“We’ve tried all types of vegetation,” said Crumpler. “But those ducks seem to eat anything – we’re looking to try new vegetation like Jasmine.”

One audience member asked if they tried to remove the ducks.  And Crumpler assured they have exerted pretty much all the measures to tame the ducks.

Commissioner Gillum added, “Don’t be a duck hater,” which erupted the room into laughter.

The next initiative Crumpler is tackling is updating the fountain – the current one doesn’t work and has been sent to Tampa to be repaired.  Also, Crumpler said staff is “looking to survey people who use the park to determine placement of a playground.”

The last thing discussed and meant to add appeal to Tallahassee is the Capitol City Pedicabs – owner Ron Goldstein said it is “green, cost efficient and promotes tourism.”

Goldstein is aiming “to create a tour that informs people about Tallahassee and special events that are less publicized.

At closing, Commissioner Gil Ziffer said there will be a “Premier triathlon event on Nov. 26 involving running, biking and swimming.”  This event may correlate with a walking festival.

More information will be presented at the June 18 meeting.




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