BREAKING NEWS: Sunil Harman, City Airport Director, Resigns

In a press release, posted just before the July 4th holiday, the City of Tallahassee formally acknowledged the resignation of Sunil Harman, the City’s Airport Director. Harman submitted his resignation on June 27, 2013 to take the Airport Director position in Okaloosa County. There was no reason given for his departure.

Harman had been widely credited for what some have called major improvements at the Tallahassee Regional Airport.

Harman’s resignation comes less than seven months after the resignation of Ron Garrison, the Director of Star Metro.



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  1. Have lived and flown out of Tallahassee for 45 years and the airport operation has mostly been a financial problem. It is the nature of what we are. Not a transportational or connector hub to anywhere, so stop pumping taxpayer money into fixing up useless amenities that will not generate one more dime of revenue. Let sleeping dogs lie and I am sure the politicals will find another do gooder project to throw taxpayer money at!

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