New Jersey Company Paves Tallahassee Roads with Workers from Out of Town

New Jersey Company Paves Tallahassee Roads with Workers from Out of Town

This week Tallahassee Reports received several phone calls from citizens who wanted to know why an out-of-town company was paving Springsax Road. Springsax Road is located just off of Spring Hill Road, south of Orange Avenue inside the Tallahassee city limits.

On Friday, an employee of Tallahassee Reports traveled to Springsax Road and verified that an out-of-town company was indeed paving Sprinsax Road. In addition to the road paving equipment, with the company name of Asphalt Paving Systems painted on the side, there were approximately 20-25 workers on site.

A search of the Talgov website reveals that on August 28, 2013 the City Commission voted 5-0 to award a contract in the amount of $518,169.60 to Asphalt Paving Systems (APS). The contract called for APS to pave Springsax Road and a portion of Maclay Blvd. in northeast Tallahassee.

The agenda item presented to the City Commission states that APS is located in Zephyrhills, Fl., just outside of Tampa. However, Tallahassee Reports has learned that APS is headquartered in Hammonton, New Jersey. Their website indicates that most of their work is completed in the northeast, however APS does have an office in Zephyrhills.

The agenda item also indicates that APS was the sole bidder for the project. The amount of money allocated to this project accounts for approximately 20% of the City’s yearly road paving budget.

Why use APS, an out-of-state vendor? City staff explained in the agenda item that:

“The use of the cold-in-place technique is appropriate for these two locations as each of these locations have road base deficiencies, which must be addressed during the resurfacing project.  This cold-in-place technique is a specialty technique requiring the use of specialized equipment that mills the existing asphalt and base to an average depth of 6”, injects a rejuvenating agent, and lays the mixed material back down and compacts it to provide an improved roadway base.  A layer of new asphalt material is then applied over the repaired base.  This cold-in-place process is not available from local contractors.”

Tallahassee asked a City official in the public works department to give an example of where and when this “cold-in-place” technique has been used in Tallahassee in the past. The official indicated that he did not think the process had been previously used in Tallahassee and if had, he could not recall a location.

The official also verified that workers on the project were from out of town.

Further research by Tallahassee Reports has found that local contractors could have milled and paved both roads for approximately $350,000.

Check back for updates on this story.

9 Responses to "New Jersey Company Paves Tallahassee Roads with Workers from Out of Town"

  1. This is a little confusing. I find it odd that local companies allegedly could not perform this type of work, but if they could have, then why did they not bid for it? Was there a problem with the bid process?

  2. Nothing about this situation makes reasonable sense when one thinks it through.

    My first question to the City is who told you that the cold-in-place technique was necessary? I’m assuming a local contractor was contacted first once it became obvious that the work had to be done. Who was that contractor and what was his recommendation?

    How is it that only one company made a bid? What was done to reach as many pavement construction operations as possible to make the bids competitive?

    My next question is are these two roads the first roads ever in Tallahassee that have had road base deficiencies? If not, why is the technique used in the past on roads with base deficiencies suddenly not appropriate?

    I agree with Jane that a local company should be given an opportunity to become a cold-in-place provider. What does the City plan to do the next time the technique is suggested?

    1. Josh and Jane-Uh, no thank you on purchasing equipment for a local business with taxpayer funds.Let the companies invest their own capital if they want to bid on an item.

  3. These people do not care about this city its their business not ours! and I am ashamed of all of those I know that think that they are outstanding leaders working for the best of all. What the hell is wrong with the people that continue to vote for and support these people who obviously are out for themselves or their friends.

  4. Sad that the Tallahassee criminals in charge are allowed to let out of state workers come here and take jobs away from locals. WHat the hell is wrong with these people?

    1. No, just a long standing native with multiple construction ties. My family used to own an asphalt plant in the surrounding area, and some are still in the construction area. You start looking at government bids and offers to see who gets the jobs. If the road paving technique is that awesome, why not give a grant to a local company to purchase plant and equipment, and in return, have them train some highway engineers at FSU/FAMU, DOT and the southern regions. Create, invest; not outsource

  5. The City of Tallahassee often gives bids to non local companies. There is an attorney in Tallahassee whose sole responsibility is to bid on local jobs and then “sell” the job to out of town companies. Same ‘ole, same ‘ole. In the past COT used this method as a way on enriching a few good friends, then low balled the “sale” so that residents had substandard work done. COT always thinks that they are getting a better product, but nothing compares to the local talent with decades of construction experience in our particular soil and weather climate. Yeah, the new road won’t crumble under icy conditions, but wait until those Yanks hit a sink hole, 125 degree day melting the pavement or a flood zone and see how you like your fancy road. Nothing new under the sun.

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