Market District Gets The Humidor

Market District Gets The Humidor

The Market District is increasing its presence as the business hub for north east Tallahassee.

The area located just north of I-10 off of Thomasville Road is home to a growing number of businesses and many of these business are locally owned.

Businesses like Tally’s Grill, Old Town Cafe, Shaws, The Honeytree, The Tasty Pastry and Nic’s Toggery, have called the area home for years.

Where else in Tallahassee can you find wine, fresh pastries, a custom made suit, pizza, a car wash, sushi, and homemade candy all within a ten minute walk.

And while there have been casualties due to the recent economic down turn, a drive through the area reveals new businesses popping up rather quickly.

One of those new businesses is The Humidor, a new cigar shop located in the The Gallery at Market Street.

A humidor is a room with constant humidity that is used to store cigars, cigarettes, or pipe tobacco.

While most cigar shops have a walk-in humidor, The Humidor at The Gallery is unique in that it has a humidifying system in place for the whole shop.

Marc Luna, a manager at the Humidor, says that “unlike cigar stores with a small humidor, The Humidor can keep the air circulating for a more enjoyable smoking experience.”

The price of the vast majority of cigars at the The Humidor range between $2 and $10. There are a few selections over $20.

The Humidor also provides seating and a large screen television for those who would like to relax while smoking a cigar of their choice.

The Humidor is located at 1429 Market Street.

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