Imagine Tallahassee Narrows List of Projects

Imagine Tallahassee Narrows List of Projects

Imagine Tallahassee is a private organization created to develop a process to guide the portion of Blueprint tax money that will be allocated to economic development projects.

During months of public meetings and presentations, Imagine Tallahassee followed a process that took input from citizens, evaluated current conditions, developed a vision statement and then prioritized economic development projects.

The vision statement developed is a follows:

Our success will be achieved through targeted initiatives and investments on three fronts, setting in motion progress to ensure that:
TALLAHASSEE WORKS with a vibrant, diversified economy and quality employment;
TALLAHASSEE INSPIRES with a unique character, natural beauty, vibrantly diverse culture and energy, warm hospitality and
TALLAHASSEE CONNECTS with a balanced and sustainable pattern of development and supporting infrastructure, a range of mobility choices and effective and efficient governance.

Using this vision statement, Imagine Tallahassee went through a process that identified projects that would address the various elements of the vision statement.

The list of the Imagine Tallahassee projects are listed to the right with the requested funding level.

The largest proposed expenditure is for the Madison Mile Convention District. The money provided by the sales tax will go with approximately $250 million that will be invested by FSU.

The project is estimated to create an estimated 4,000 jobs and $430 million in economic impact during the construction period and an estimated 1,000 jobs and $100 million annual recurring economic impact. No other project comes close to these numbers.

Another proposed project is an $8.1 million investment in Technology and Innovation Incubators.

The objective of this project is to help early stage companies in the development process, commercialize technology developed at our universities, and develop more specialized business incubators to ensure long?term economic vitality in the region.

Incubators provide facilities and services to catalyze small?business growth.

Research has shown that incubated companies have a dramatically higher rate of survival than an average spinout does.

For more information on the projects below, visit Once there, you will find detailed information about the projects and a road map describing how these projects were selected.


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