BREAKING: City Responds to “Crisis Brewing” at Police Department, Quickly Proposes New Officers

BREAKING: City Responds to “Crisis Brewing” at Police Department, Quickly Proposes New Officers

Tallahassee Reports recently wrote a story about a “crisis brewing” at the City of Tallahassee Police Department. The research by TR documented how concerns and requests by the Police Department had been ignored for years. Calls for service had increased, while sworn officer positions had declined since 2008. Read full story here.

Now, with the recent focus on gun violence, it appears the City is trying to respond, though some say it is rather late.

Tallahassee Reports has learned that the proposed 2015 budget for the City did not include any new sworn positions. However, a City of Tallahassee press release states:

While not included in the proposed budget, the City Manager is recommending the option of adding six new police officers. The recommendation is to fund the positions through the deficiencies fund for one year, then through the regular budget in subsequent years.


A year ago a request for six officers by the Police Department was denied by the City Commission.

Sources, requesting anonymity, told TR  “it took a crisis to get the City’s attention.”

Another said, “the police department has needed officers for years,  and we are happy to get them, regardless of management motives.”

And finally, another source said, “this is election year politics, they are adding new officers at the last minute to cover for their years of neglect.”


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  1. If I remember correctly as a former city employee, both the police and fire departments had a continuous ad in the personnel hire page. What/Why can’t qualified personnel be hired? Surely their respective unions provide them with great retirement and work benefits.

    One situation where both the departments (and others within the city government) could save a great deal of money is to limit the “take home” privilege of automobiles to those that are on paid call-out standby.

  2. I will have my rubber gloves on, my mop bucket ready and my ear plugs in so I don’t have to listen to the lies floating around! Just as with the National Politics, we need to a study the politicians, clean house and GET RID of people holding office wherever we can! Oh yeah, take the stupid kill switch with you Marks!

  3. Kudos to TR for bringing the issue to the attention of our city commissioners and staff. Sure they are moving on the new hires now for political reasons, so what? Votes SHOULD be a stimulus to get politicians to act and, this time, it worked. Let’s don’t stop now, there is still the issue of pay raises so our experienced officers will quit leaving for better pay in other law enforcement agencies.

    1. “So what?” The motivation behind the decision matters greatly. Failure to recognize that the ONLY reason this has happened is because TR exposed the issue condemns this community to the same continued pathetic leadership. Not just elected, but appointed. We have a chance to overhaul City Hall in August/November. It is imperative voters do NOT take a “So what?” attitude about this and all of the other issues that have plagued Tallahassee for more than a decade. It is time to clean house, the best we can, downtown. Need more reasons? Just read the TR archives.

  4. At last month’s Commission meeting, Nancy Miller stated–The “Tap” program saved Tallahassee more than 2 million dollars. Imagine that? So more police should be no problem.

    1. TAPP is paid for by grants from FDEP I believe to make public service announcements, so I don’t know how Nancy Miller substantiates that it saved the city money? If not for the grants the city would not expend the funds themselves so there is no savings to the city that applies here. Totally a misrepresentation by Miller.

      In fact, the city wasted much of the grant money by awarding the contract to Nancy Miller’s campaign manager, Gary Yordon.

      The ads could have been produced by WCOT at a much lower cost to save money rather than paying her campaign manager to produce the ads.

  5. More police officers should be hired immediately! Crime is definitely escalating in Tallahassee and keeping a high level of security is essential to the safety and well-being of law abiding citizens! This is much more important than adding attractions to Gaines Street and other unnecessary expenditures! City Commissioners, please get your priorities in order! The current police force is doing a super job in protecting citizens and I laud them for their bravery in using their guns whenever needed as the thugs causing the recent crime wave must be stopped!

  6. How do starting TPD salaries compare to starting LCSO salaries? Has the TPD chosen to take salary increases rather than add officers?

      1. A few years ago The TPD also forfeited their contractual salary increase for about half a year to “save” 11 officers from being laid off

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