City Candidates On The Issues

City Candidates On The Issues

In an exclusive report, Tallahassee Reports was able to get answers to six specific questions from five candidates vying for two City Commission seats and the office of Mayor.

Below are the responses to the questions asked by Tallahassee Reports. The responses are provided in a way that will allow you to compare the answers provided by each candidate in each race. The instructions were to answer with a yes or no for questions 1-5 with a 20 word explanation if needed. You will see an “*”, if the candidate did not follow the 20 word limit. (We just included the first 20 words they provided in those cases).

The wide ranging questions address public safety, city ethics, campaign finance, the blueprint sales tax, and the challenges facing Tallahassee in the next few years.

Early voting is scheduled to begin August 16th and election day is August 26th.

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8 Responses to "City Candidates On The Issues"

  1. My question for candidate would be HOW more police, more money, stops crime? HOW do you improve the local economy? Why is is always more spending, more regulations, more roads, more parks, etc. Why cant it be less barriers, less govt, less interference?

  2. Mr. Gillum–
    DNR can mean Did Not Respond.
    It also means Do Not Re-elect.
    Your refusal to participate defines your exclusionary policies very appropriately.

  3. It seems that Mr. Gillum has appropriated an empty suit from somewhere. Admittedly, he made a fine appearance Tuesday night at the town hall meeting, but his suit was empty and his words devoid of substance. “Tallahassee is a great place to live but we have work to do” is all well and good, but it would be far preferable to have someone as Mayor who is not a career politician nor aspires to be one. And who has a tangible plan that the voters can assess.

    His failure to answer any of the questions posed means either that he did not understand them or does not believe that the voters are entitled to anything but platitudes.

  4. Great article Steve! Mr. Gillum has done nothing to help with the issue in Killearn Estates and by not responding to this he is showing his lack of leadership abilities. I must support Zack Richardson for mayor because this community needs CHANGE!!from the usual suspects.

  5. Seats 2 and 3 are easy decisions! Diane Oropallo and Steve Stewart are truly needed on the City commission to combat the corruption that now exists! It is so sad that we have no good choice for Mayor as neither of the two candidates running for the office will improve the current situation!

  6. Besides Gillum & Miller giving tax dollars for a contract for a Brew Pub (to his campaign treasurer) at the expense of funding public safety and ignoring public safety needs all together, Mr. Gillum, has exuded a sense of arrogance and entitlement throughout his campaign and tenure as a commissioner.

    He and Miller have a problem with people asking legitimate questions and answering them.

    Tallahassee is #2 in the state of Florida in crime and 8th in the nation in crime! It’s time for new leadership!

    Voters who usually sit home on election day need to come out in full force to show these career entitled irresponsible politicians who is in charge. We the voters are in charge!

    VOTE RESPONSIBLY ON AUGUST 26TH by voting the incumbents out!

  7. Mr. Gillum’s failure to answer the questions sends a scary message of disrespect of us all. He wants to be our mayor, but he’s too arrogant to state his position on the issues? That should concern us all.
    Maybe he is just pouting because TR has taken him to task about his actions before. If so, that also concerns me greatly. Arrogant or pouty, neither is a quality our mayor should possess.

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