BREAKING NEWS: Killearn Estates Homeowners Seek Clarification from Court Over Redevelopment Plan

A group of Killearn Estates Homeowners has filed a court action with regards to a redevelopment plan proposed by the current owner of the Killearn Golf and Country Club.

The Killearn Estates Homeowners Association is not a party to the suit.

The redevelopment plan was announced last month. The plan called for the closing of the north nine holes of the 27-hole golf course and the development of approximately 30 acres to raise funds for club improvements.

The court action filed yesterday in circuit court is for a declaration of rights and guidance from the court in addressing the provisions of a 1981 recorded right to purchase – no damages or money are being sought.

At a neighborhood meeting of approximately 50-70 homeowners late yesterday afternoon in a cul-de-sac at the end of Kilmartin Street, homeowner Mark Lawson told the group “we are filing this action to get clarification about what we can and cannot. I want the facts on the table, I do not want to be steamrolled by Mr. Tuck.”

The group has been meeting weekly to discuss the redevelopment plan.

The complaint filed can be seen here.



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