Andy Alcock Leaving WCTV

Andy Alcock Leaving WCTV

Andy Alcock, a reporter/anchor for WCTV is leaving the CBS affiliate after three years on the job.

Alcock, who relocated his family to Tallahassee from Louisville in 2012, signed a three year contract with WCTV which expired this month. He was recruited by then WCTV General Manager Nick Waller for his skills as an investigative reporter and his ability to hold officials accountable.

During his tenure he approached officials like no other local TV reporter  – a microphone in hand, a camera turned on and a question ready for delivery.

His ability to aggressively pursue elected officials with journalistic professionalism become his calling card – just ask Scott Maddox, John Marks,  Andrew Gillum and Jackie Pons.

However, it appears this old style approach may have led to his exit.

After the news director he was hired under abruptly left after his first year, things began to change. Stan Sanders, the new News Director, began to curtail Alcock’s responsibilities by removing him as an anchor on the six o’clock news.

Then, GM Nick Waller took a promotion and left town.

There were rumors about elected officials complaining about his aggressive style. Eventually, several elected officials, including Mayor Gillum, refused to grant interviews.

Preston Scott, the host of The Morning Show on 100.7 WFLA, occasionally invited Alcock on his show to discuss local issues.

Scott told TR that “Andy Alcock was the only television journalist in Florida’s capital who would ask the tough questions and wait for the answers. His departure leaves a huge void. I am not certain that Andy was always supported in his efforts to illuminate local issues. I wish Andy nothing but the best in his future.”

Similarly, Ed Holifield, a local community activist, told TR that “there will be no investigative reporting by local TV stations in Tallahassee now that Andy is gone.  This means that more public tax dollars will be ripped off to support such monstrous adventures as the Double Tree Hotel, the Ron Sachs Office building, and the giant electrified phallic symbol in the middle of the Gaines Street roundabout.”

During his farewell broadcast, Alcock received praise from popular WCTV co-anchor,  A.J Hilton, who said, “The bulldog. He was always the bulldog. You always asked the tough questions. You always held people accountable.”

In a statement released by Alcock, it appears he was eager to stay in Tallahassee.

Alcock wrote, “I’m grateful for the opportunity to have worked at WCTV.  During my tenure here, I had one on one interviews with both the vice-president and president of the United States, covered a tropical storm for CBS News and had the chance to work with a group of outstanding professionals.  I had hoped to make this station my professional home for many more years.  Unfortunately, I was not able to reach a new deal with station management.”


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  1. Andy will land on his feet in a market which appreciates his style of digging out the truth. Sadly, too many reporters across this country are too timid to ask the piercing questions.

  2. As a person who has spoken out against self-serving politicians, in this very closely controlled town, I know the risks first hand. I know a few politicians who would love to attack me financially. Andy had assumed that our local television station would support him and protect him. They didn’t! In the end, politicians have sent a clear message to all media that speaking out against local government may result in your losing your job. Andy lost his job and the public lost a strong ally in the fight for honesty and transparency in Tallahassee city government. Thanks Andy.

  3. The General Manager of WCTV who fired Andy should be prosecuted for publishing the July report that the CDA 911 dispatch center was a success. Someone sent in the press release and both WCTV & The Tallahassee Democrat refuse to report the origin of this misleading report to the public that reported all was well with this vital 911 public service.

    Also, I almost threw-up watching Gary Yordon on the Usual Suspects interview Mary Ann Lindley and failing to hold her accountable for ignoring the problems at the CDA.

    The Tallahassee Democrat also refuses to report who was behind the WCTV CDA 911 misleading report. They responded by assigning the county reporter, Tamaryn Waters, to a special report and video report of Gary Yordon making a Caesar Salad.

    Of course, Gary Yordon is at the top of the suspect list for submitting the WCTV misleading CDA report.

    Hopefully, Andy will get a gig on a national show and expose all the corruption in Leon County …starting with the usual suspects.

    We love you Andy and may you be blessed in your future endeavors!

  4. WCTV has made a huge mistake in the hiring of their complicit News Director who assisted in silencing the pursuit of the truth in Tallahassee. Corruption is a huge problem here and some of the people Andy had challenges with are NOT corrupt. Remember, evil likes to hide and retreats when exposed to light. Tallahassee Reports would do well to expose the truth about who the WCTV News Director is and his vulnerability to our elite corrupt. And WCTV’s parent company should know I’ll be paying this forward 7 × 7. Of course, given their personnel choices, they’re probably way too stupid to realize that I’m the guy who can (and will) keep that promise! Andy will be fine as he’s a real journalist. His departure is our loss.

  5. While I watch WCTV regularly Alcock’s “aggressiveness” escaped my notice. Perhaps someone can post an example or two. Meanwhile, if his departure is, in fact, the result of his aggressiveness and elected officials objection to it then I sure would like to see that reported, not assumed.

    I watched the news the night he announced his departure and listened to his colleague’s accolades. It was pretty obvious that leaving WCTV was not his desire.

    1. I too never noticed any journalism coming out of our local tv networks. Its usually one local crime story and then 25 mins of weather.

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