The Leon County Economic Report Card

The Leon County Economic Report Card

Tallahassee Reports presents for the first time the “Leon County Economic Report Card.” The ‘Report Card”, provided to the right, has been developed over the last year. The idea behind the “Report Card” is to provide a way for readers to get an in-depth idea of how the local economy is performing in just a few minutes.

A look at each measure and the direction category to the right of the chart provides a quick way to see how the economy is moving. However, the information provided also presents an opportunity those who have more time to dig into the specifics of the six economic measures. Readers can look a four-month trends and compare current measures with data for each year back as far as 2007. TR will in future editions provide comparisonswith other comparable cities.

Information on each data measure is provide below the chart.

This month’s Report Card shows that four of the six measure are trending in the positive direction, while one is stalled and another is moving in a negative direction. Both employment, gross sales, and Leon County permit valuations are moving in a solid positive direction. Airport traffic is moving in a slightly positive direction, but is clearly losing momentum.

The single family real estate market appears to have plateaued after solid gains over the last two years. Both average sales price and the number of resales are holding steady, but not increasing. Taxable sales per employee, a measure of buying power for those with jobs, is headed in a negative direction. This is consistent with national trends that show little, if any, increases in wages for those that are employed.

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Sources: Employment data is gathered form the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity. Real Estate information is from the Tallahassee Board of Realtors website. Gross Taxable Sales data is taken for the Florida Department of Revenue website. Taxable Sales per Employee is a calculated statistic derived by dividing the Gross Taxable Sales in a given month by the number of people employed in that same month. Building Permit Valuations is from the Leon County website. Airport Traffic is from the City of Tallahassee website.


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