Mayor Gillum Paid by Group Promoting “Ban the Box”

Mayor Gillum Paid by Group Promoting “Ban the Box”

Tallahassee Reports has obtained documents that show Mayor Andrew Gillum is being paid by a group that is advocating for cities accross the United States to adopt “Ban the Box” policies.

A debate began two weeks ago about Mayor Gillum’s controversial proposal to remove the criminal background questionnare from the City of Tallahassee’s employment application. The issue was first brought up at the January 14th City Commission meeting. The issue was postponed after a number of questions were raised by City Commissioner Scott Maddox and concerns were voiced by Commissioner’s Nancy Miller and Gil Ziffer.

Gillum’s proposal is that the City of Tallahassee remove the criminal background questionaire from the application and that staff be directed not to ask about an applicants background until after an offer of employment has been decided.

Now the issue is back on the City Commission’s agenda for the meeting on January 28th, 2015. In addition, Mayor Gillum has written a “my view” about the issue in the Tallahassee Democrat.

At no time during this debate has Mayor Gillum disclosed that he is being paid by a political group that advocates for the adoption of “Ban the Box.”

The image below is from the 2013 IRS filing by the People for the American Way Foundation that shows Mayor Gillum’s base compensation as $136,007 for being the Executive Director of the Young Elected Officials Network. See this link for details on Gillum’s responsibilities: Gillum Bio


Click here for detailed page: Gillum_Salary

The Young Elected Offcials Nework advocates for specific public policies. Listed below is a page out of the recently released “Policy Book” of the Young Elected Officals Network. The page lists eight issues that the group encourages cities accross the US to support. Listed as number 5 under “Local Level Ordinance” is “Ban the Box.”



It appears that Mayor Gillum is being paid to advocate for specific issues which includes “Ban the Box”. In fact, the Young Elected Officials Network has an annual “Convening” where policy ideas are promoted. One attendee stated,  “The day after I came home (from the YEO National Convening), I gave my staff 15 new ideas to look into! I’ve never come back from a conference with so many ideas.”

Sources say that Mayor Gillum’s support of the “Ban the Box” issue raises the question of a conflict, that at a minimum, should be disclosed and discussed.

Complicating the matter is the fact that there is no evidence, such as audits or formal complaints, that indicate the current policy on how to use the criminal background questionaire with the City Commission has generated any problems.

TR will continue to investigate this issue.

8 Responses to "Mayor Gillum Paid by Group Promoting “Ban the Box”"

  1. Can you say affirmative action part 243. Always with the exceptions. God forbid you are actually allowed to hire on someone’s qualifications. Got have those quotas so we don’t hurt anyone’s feelings. The downfall of America by the lowering of the standards!

  2. The process is tainted by Gillum’s deception of getting paid to change public policy. It escalates to another entire level of deception by Mr. Gillum not disclosing this information during the process. Mr. Gillum is being deceptive about changing the process to allow deception on an employment application. How ironic is that?

  3. “Band the Box” policy is sending the wrong message to our young people that there is no “accountabilty for your actions”. This is a disaster. Instead, the City should put a box that an applicant can ask for a “Second Chance”. At least then, the person with a criminal record recognizes the mistakes he or she has done against society and then they have better chance to be a productive citizen and good employee.

  4. Ban the Box support by the Tallahassee Mayor is indicative of the direction this country is headed in. While I am sure it is difficult to find gainful employment with a criminal history, the “”victim”” should have thought that out before committing said crime. Over looking a job applicant’s complete background is a prescription for potential disaster in a for profit organization of any type.

  5. Coming next will be the move to check them out of prison and put them in a select secure job, which sounds just about as stupid.

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