Commissioner Bill Proctor Seeks Advice On Law Enforcement Consolidation

Commissioner Bill Proctor Seeks Advice On Law Enforcement Consolidation

Leon County Commissioner Bill Proctor has not been shy about letting the City know about the problems he has with the Tallahassee Police Department. His criticisms of high profile incidents comes on the heals of well documented staffing issues at the Department.

Now it appears Commissioner Proctor is preparing to elevate his concerns to another level.

On February 10th, Commissioner Proctor sent a letter to County Attorney Herb Thiele asking about the County’s authority to create a citizens police review board.

Also in the letter was a questions about law enforcement consolidation. The letter reads in part:

Please advise me on the process that can effectuate a merger of the TPD under the control of the Leon County Sheriff Office. Must a citizen vote occur for a merger of the two agencies to happen?  Short of a city and county commission agreement how can the citizens achieve this result on their own?  Please explain the referendum process.

The full letter can be read here

One day later, February 11th, Commissioner Proctor sent a separate letter to Leon County Supervisor of Elections, Ion Sancho, asking the same questions.

The full letter can be read here.

In a discussion with Tallahassee Reports, Commissioner Proctor voiced his frustration with not only the Tallahassee Police Department, but the process in place that makes it difficult for City elected leaders to hold anyone at the police department accountable for their actions.

9 Responses to "Commissioner Bill Proctor Seeks Advice On Law Enforcement Consolidation"

  1. The citizens of Leon County, including city residents, should not get too excited over Mr. Proctor’s apparent sudden interest in consolidation. He has done nothing more than request legal guidance from the county attorney regarding the complexities of such an undertaking.
    Mr. Proctor’s history suggests he has an ulterior motive for revisiting this old issue:
    Does he have a friend running for Sheriff?
    Is he running for Sheriff?
    Ask why a democrat would take a political position against TPD, which is a heavily unionized organization? Why is he declaring war against the PBA, or does he have an agreement with them?
    Mr. Proctor’s sudden enlightenment should be taken with a heavy dose of doubt as to his sincerity. He has built a political career on pandering to his constituents fears and false hopes. Be assured nothing has changed.

  2. I think that Commissioner Proctor is right on track. The reason why you having some negative feedback from the previous 3 post, is probably messing up the great and POWErFull TPD POLICE UNION “PBA” gravy train. If they focus on doing their jobs effectively and stay out of the political arena, maybe this would not be an issue. The Sheriff is voted on by the people, therefore, he has a right to be the most powerful person in our one city and one county. If the TPD Chief want to keep his job, run for or and let the people decide. 2 law enforcement agencies securing the same jurisdiction, for the most part, is not cost effective and it doesn’t make good business sense. Taxpayer’s pay 2 different law enforcement leadership salaries, SWAT teams, however, one dispatch and TPD/LSD training facility. One fire department and One EMT. Law Enforcement needs to Serve not be king maker’s in government and politics! Let’s support the Commissioner’s efforts. If you start questioning the residents of one do it for ALL. He’s not the only one. But he is the one addressing the right issue!!

  3. Everyone knew that Larry Campbell had been after this power grab for many years, and here we see Bill Proctor acting at the behest of his down-low buddies–namely, Campbell’s minions now running LCSO.

    As any thinking person knows–especially local Krusty the Clown protégé Proctor–centralizing all local law enforcement in a single agency under a single, power-hungry Sheriff would pose a danger to every honest citizen in town. Further, Proctor, et al., know and that the increase in danger facing residents of District 1 would be many times worse than any other part of town.

    I’d ask how big a piece of Mike Wood’s drug business in your district you’re getting for selling out your constituents, but there’s no doubt that, once your supporters learned how cheaply you sold them out, you would become an even bigger public embarrassment to them than you aleady are.

    You and Sean have fun in the federal penitentiary, while Harold and John are busy moping around a secluded beach, somewhere on Aruba.

  4. So the commissioner who does not live in his district and has got away with it for 17 years is MIA in his district – where a shooting occurs almost daily – has the nerve to attempt a coup against TPD?

    The only question here is it a felony every time Proctor cashes his county commission paycheck for circumventing the residency requirement? In my estimation that should be about 508 felony counts to date. And we wonder why we are #2 in crime in Florida?

    I think the inmates running the asylum would apply here.

  5. Commissioner Proctor is right on the money. One city one county one law enforcement
    TPD has proved inadequate with numerous Chiefs. County elected Sheriff has shown better results. Go Commissioner

    1. So suddenly Bill Proctor is a genius? Bigger government is cheaper, more efficient, and more responsive? And despite previous votes against this, now it makes perfect sense?
      How does an elected official not understand the City is incorporated and essentially exempt from his stupidity?
      Coincidence that Meggs suggests one policy for the CDA to make dispatch easier? Same old routine around here.

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