The City Reverses Course on Mayor’s Pittsburgh Trip

The City Reverses Course on Mayor’s Pittsburgh Trip

On Wednesday, Tallahassee Reports was told by Mayor Gillum’s staff that the Mayor had an official City meeting with the Mayor of Pittsburgh on January 30th. Gillum’s Chief of staff, Dustin Daniels, told TR that the meeting was about children issues.

However, on Thursday, when TR requested the travel expenses for the Mayor’s office, things changed.

Suddenly the trip was no longer an official City sanctioned trip and approximately three hours after requesting a copy of the Mayor’s calendar, the trip to Pittsburgh -which was on the Mayor of Pittsburgh’s calendar – was nowhere to be found.

The trip that was official on Wednesday had disappeared on Thursday, after TR’s record request.

TR caught up with Mayor Gillum Thurday night and he was in no mood to answer any questions about the trip.

Mayor Gillum would not answer any questions about why the trip was not on his calendar.

Hear the audio below:

The issue is becoming more interesting with the passing of each day.

The trip now involves the Mayor and his Chief of Staff, Sean Pittman – the lobbyist for the City of Tallahassee and Adam Corey-the former campaign treasure for Gillum and City partner with the Edison project.

Many sources have contacted TR concerned about the appearance of the trip and the lack of transparency on Mayor Gillum’s part.

TR has submitted more data requests to the City and will provide the information when it becomes available.

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  1. OK, Taxpayers did not pay but let’s see who did pay. Gillum’s employer is People for the American Way, as stated in his Financial Disclosure filing. Need to read up on them. Far, far, far left think tank who pay the salaries of those in office who support their causes. Gillum is a conflict of interest every time he votes for anything that favors their agenda. What is most disturbing is that the Young Elected Officials Network, a Gillum self admitted employer, who he said paid for this trip, is not in his most recent Financial Disclosure fi

  2. What are he “children issues” he is talking about? Why go to Pittsburgh to discuss?

    I am sure a video conference would have sufficed!

    1. You clearly are intentionally “missing it”. There are so many important angles to this story that directly impact the taxpayers of Tallahassee, the integrity of government, conflicts of interest, etc. Perhaps it would be helpful for you to read the other story first, then the one above. The Mayor’s office has changed its/his story and is dodging simple questions. The Mayor is doing what he has done since his campaign began. He is refusing to answer legitimate questions – whether it be about his work for People for The American Way (Foundation) or a trip to Pittsburgh. Then, to suggest that a “relationship” is required for him to talk is absurd and childish.

      1. I’m all for accountable, ethical government. I am all for holding our elected officials’ feet to the fire for what they do with taxpayer dollars. I do not care what Andrew Gillum does during his personal time. It seems like y’all are playing angles that do not exist.

        1. RBW, a simple statement would clear this up… THAT is what is so fishy and frustrating. First it’s an “official trip” then it’s not. Just tell us, did taxpayers pay for the trip or not? If we didn’t pay and it was his personal time, then that’s easily stated. So, why not answer the question?

        2. The fact that you think there is nothing to see here tells me you care nothing about accountablity towards elected officials. Fact, our mayor is traveling with two city vendors/lobbyists that come before the commission asking for money. It is exactly what our mayor should not be doing.
          If his travel companions were not tied to city contracts and payouts AND all expenses were personally paid AND no one was on the city clock….I would agree with your statement. However, we already know one of those is not true, possible more, so yes, it’s a conflict.

  3. Nothing will change until it is confronted by citizens like all of you with enough backbone to speak against the corruption so evident in Tallahassee.

  4. This is ridiculous and this issue needs to be nipped in the bud NOW, not later. The citizens of Tally are SICK AND TIRED of the disrespect from these so called officials. It appears Mr. Gillum thinks that “we the people” are stupid and not worthy of answers. Wrong answer Mayor. I am personally contacting the commissioners and having this issue investigated and demand they provide a public response to their findings. It’s a damn shame that citizens have to waste their time and energy on having to police our elected leaders to do the right thing. Absolutely pathetic that a newly elected ( not by me!) Mayor jumps right in, feet first, acting a fool, playing games and refusing to answer questions. Marks all over again, but this time we are going to be very involved in making sure the games are stopped before they even begin.

  5. If this was paid out of private funds, it would be none of our business, but the mayor’s response (or lack of it) is a clear indication that he is hiding something.

  6. “You and I don’t have a relationship where we can talk like this”

    WOW! The mayor stepped in it this time. This is going to be a good one. A far as I know stealing money from taxpayers to pay for junkets for unofficial business is a criminal act(s).

  7. If I were the mayor and I went off on what is obviously a junket with political pals I would be mum on the subject as well. After all, it is pretty dumb to go to Pittsburgh anytime, particularly in the middle of the winter.

  8. This trip is really becoming an eye sore for him. He needs to step up and level with all of us. The deeper you go the fishery it gets.

    1. Please note: Gillum stated “You (Steve Stewart) and I do not have a relationship where we can talk like this, so…” Gillum is, of course, implying clearly that he will only talk to those who ask the right questions and print what he wants printed. This is a frightening display of arrogance on the part of a young man who entered politics right out of college and knows nothing of the real world. Where is WCTV, WTXL, The Tallahassee Democrat? There is more to this story and, thankfully, Tallahassee Reports will keep providing facts, not PR pieces on behalf of the City.

  9. Florida law makes the refusal to provide public records, or the alteration of such records, a criminal act. The mayor or his staff may be subject to criminal penalties if they refuse to provide requested records or alter them prior to release. Please see Ch. 119.10 Florida Statutes.

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