FBI Serves Leon School Board with Search Warrant

FBI Serves Leon School Board with Search Warrant

Tallahassee Reports has confirmed through two independent sources that the FBI served a search warrant for the email server for the Leon County School Board.

Sources tell TR that copies of emails were previously provided to the FBI.

The IT Director of the Leon County Schools, Bill Nimmons, sent out an email to school board employees that said “I wanted to let you know that our email archiver is temporarily out-of-service.”

TR will update story when more information becomes available.


5 Responses to "FBI Serves Leon School Board with Search Warrant"

  1. Boy the FBI has been busy little bees around Tallahassee over the last few years. There can not be anything to it though or they would have told us by now right?

    1. Just the opposite. If there had been nothing someone being investigated for the last several years would have been exonerated. Think Kwame Kilpatrick, Ray Nagin…it takes time.

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