Leon County Employment Remains Stagnant

Leon County Employment Remains Stagnant

After three consecutive months of job losses, the latest employment numbers indicate that Leon County added 231 jobs in February. This is after losing 408 jobs in January.

Since October, the US has added just over a 1 million jobs, a .7% increase, while Florida and Leon County have lost jobs.

The employment data show that since October, Florida has lost approximately 80,000 jobs, a .8% decline in employment, while Leon County has lost approximately 2,000 jobs, a 1.5% decline in employment.

The unemployment rate for Leon County in February was 5.0%. This rate is approximately the same as in October 2014 even though less people were employed in February. This is due to a reduction in the Leon County work force from 153,910 in October to 151,504 in February.

The Leon County workforce has increased over the last 12 months from 150, 403 to 151,504.


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