Edison Owners Plan Late Nights in Cascades Park

Edison Owners Plan Late Nights in Cascades Park

Tallahassee Reports has learned that the owners of the Edison Restaurant in Cascades Park plan on keeping the restaurant open until 2 am on the weekends.

This information was provided in an email obtained by Tallahassee Reports that was generated to address questions brought up by County Commissioner Kristen Dozier at a recent CRA meeting.

Elected officials were told there are no limits on the inside hours of operation for the proposed restaurant. However, the City Commission did vote to have a review 90 days after the restaurant is opened.

The language states “After the first 90 days of operation, the parties shall review the certain operations of the business, including without limitation, traffic flow, parking noise levels and hours of operation. ”

This is of importance to surrounding neighborhoods due to the concern that the proposed restaurant might be operated as a bar.

Tallahassee Reports was told this concern was recently heightened when it was reported by TR that Adam Corey, one of the owners of the Edison, was found by state officials to have violated the liquor license issued at another downtown restaurant that Corey owns.

A state audit found that Corey was selling more liquor than allowed at the 101 Restaurant.

Read City Partner, Edison Developer Fails State Liquor Audit with 101 Restaurant.

It appears that the state violation could impact the opening of the Edison. The email to elected officials said:

Cascades will need a separate SRX license from the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) to sell alcohol at the Edison as this is a different entity from One-O-One.  You may be aware that One-O-One did receive a violation from DBPR regarding their SRX license not meeting percentage requirements; they are working with DBPR to resolve this issue.  If this issue is not resolved, it could potentially impact their ability to obtain a separate SRX license for the Edison.

In addition, it appears the owners of the Edison have yet to secure financing for the project. The email informed the elected officials that the “Edison principles have indicated that the loan they are seeking for future operations will close in two weeks.  The City has not moved forward in funding any additional improvements until the loan is finalized.”

TR will continue to investigate.

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  1. Excellent job of reporting! Neighbors welcome a restaurant in the area but NOT A HUGE BAR. That outdoor deck they’re planning scares area residents because of the potential for noise.

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