Leon County Jobs Decline for the 5th Consecutive Month

Leon County Jobs Decline for the 5th Consecutive Month

After significant revisions to previously released information, the latest employment data shows that the number of people employed in Leon County has declined for the 5th month in a row.

The losses began in November, 2014 when employment fell by 1,327 jobs. This loss was followed by job losses of 553 in December, 408 in January, 253 in February and 579 in March.

In October employment stood at 145,964. Since that time, Leon County employment has fallen to 142,873 for a loss of 3,091 jobs. This is 2.1% decrease during the five month period.

During the same period, employment in Florida decreased at a 1.3% rate while at the national level employment increased at a 1% rate.

Looking 12 months back, Leon County reported 142,824 people employed in April 2014. This means that over the last 12 months, 49 jobs have been added in Leon County.

2 Responses to "Leon County Jobs Decline for the 5th Consecutive Month"

  1. It would be interesting to see what the trend has been the last 5 years and if this is normal for our county. Leon is unique from all other FL counties due to the state government and universities. I would guess the job growth in September is due to return of students and all the needs of employers get filled as our population expands in the fall.

  2. The graph shown is one of great concern that needs more investigation. For example, it shows a whopping increase of 5,000 jobs in August after a lackluster several months earlier in 2014. How does the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity explain that great anomoly?

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