Sissy Shaw This Friday At Cascades Park

Sissy Shaw This Friday At Cascades Park

On February 27th of this year we posted an article introducing our readers to Sissy Shaw. It was one of our most popular articles.

We are proud to inform you that she will be singing this Friday at Cascade Park at 6:00pm. The weather, based on predictions, should be clear. Here is a link to the event on Facebook.

Sissy Shaw

If you remember, Sissy is a Tallahassee native. She is a senior at Maclay High School and has a beautiful voice.  Our article posted in February peaked the interest of Jay Revell, Executive Director at Tallahassee Downtown, who coordinates downtown events.

Original article can be found below, which contains a sample of one of her songs.

Article: Sissy Shaw: In Pursuit of Dreams

Support Sissy Shaw, Tallahassee Downtown and Tallahassee Reports this Friday. Wear red to show your support. The event is free and open to all.

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