Photo Shows Placement of Memory Care Facility on Killearn Estates Golf Course Property

Photo Shows Placement of Memory Care Facility on Killearn Estates Golf Course Property

On Thursday Tallahassee Reports published an exclusive report on plans for the current owner of the Killearn Country Club to sell part of the club property to a developer to build an assisted living facility (ALF).

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The above image shows the placement of the ALF.

The image indicates the facility would consume all of the parking lot currently used by members for the tennis courts and the pool. The footprint of the proposed project would also include the current practice range tee and the green on number nine of the North Course.

The border of the constructed facility on Tyron Pass would be significantly closer to the Pebble Creek neighborhood than the current structure located on the property.

3 Responses to "Photo Shows Placement of Memory Care Facility on Killearn Estates Golf Course Property"

  1. This is wonderful news for Killearn Estates. With the aging population of the neighborhood, this seems like a no brainer.

    Kiddo, you should educate yourself before speaking because no homeowner was/is given membership rights to KCC, including the golf course. You have to apply to become a member of the club and pay dues. Additionally, I live in Killearn, and I think this will enhance the value of my property as long as we maintain an 18 hole golf course and upgrade the club’s facilities.

  2. People on the left shouldn’t resort to sarcasm. They don’t really understand it and are therefore not equipped to use it correctly.

    This has nothing to do with Killearn’s property rights, but the rights of everyone that owns property in Killearn Estates. Every home owner in Killearn was/is given membership right to the Killearn Country Club, and that includes the golf course.

    If Killearn wants to revoke that, there are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of homeowners that will have their property values diminished. I don’t think that Killearn really wants to buy out the entire subdivision.

  3. Cool. One nice thing about our current conservative inclinations is a recognition of entrepreneurship, initiative, private property, and limited oversight by government is what built our great country from its very beginning.

    Looking forward to TR’s endorsement of the owner’s right to develop his property as he thinks best! It’s a wise investor who sees the boomers inevitable demand for quality ALF’s and moves swiftly and responsibly to meet it.

    That’s what America is all about!!!

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