City Commission, Developer and Homeowner Association Reach Agreement Over Demolition of Inn

City Commission, Developer and Homeowner Association Reach Agreement Over Demolition of Inn

On Wednesday the City Commission voted to allow the owner of the Killearn Country Club to demolish the Inn, but not before some concessions and a warning from one City Commissioner.

The concessions came out of a meeting with the developer, the City and the representatives of the Killearn Homeowners Association.

The item had been delayed from a previous meeting after concern was raised over language in an agenda item that included references to a “development agreement” and the “comprehensive plan”.

Why such language just to demolish the Inn?

Suspect homeowners in the neighborhood felt that the developer was trying to clear the way for further development, not just razing the Inn. And emails obtained by TR, that were part of discovery in the ongoing court case, supported their concerns.

TR reviewed documents that indicate the developer is planning to build a 60 bed assisted living facility where the Inn is now located. In an email dated January 13, 2015, a real estate representative informed Barton Tuck, the golf course owner:

“Attached is the footprint for the memory care facility. They would have an interest in doing that and waiting out the deed restrictions to potentially do the apartments later.”

It is believed the “do the apartments later” refers to a proposed development on land where holes 7, 8 & 9 are now located.

Tallahassee Reports reached out to the Killearn Homeowners Association and a representative said he was not aware of the proposed development agreement.

After concerns were voiced, the City Commission delayed the item until after a meeting with interested parties.

In the end, the agenda item was cleared of the “development agreement” and “comprehensive plan” language and City Commissioners made it clear their vote only allowed the owner to demolish the Inn and did not afford him any new development rights.

In fact, the current zoning of the property would not allow the developer to build anything without the full approval of the City Commission after a number of public hearings.

However, Commissioner Gill Ziffer went one step further.

“I want everyone to know I will not vote for anything that changes the expectations that the current homeowners had when they bought a house on the golf course.”

6 Responses to "City Commission, Developer and Homeowner Association Reach Agreement Over Demolition of Inn"

  1. Two cars were broken into at the Killearn Country Club over the weekend. Police were called, but there is little information other than the windows were broken out and purses left on the seats were stolen. Maybe it’s time to get the Inn torn down so that people at the pool can see the parking lot. The “city staff” needs to investigate the security and hazard threat associated with this gutted, open structure. It’s both and eyesore and a serious safety hazard.

  2. Over a month and no action to tear down the Inn. At a recent Club Advisory Board meeting, the GM announced that Mr. Tuck would be delaying any action to begin demolishion for some time to insure that the extension on the concessions does not begin too soon. Sounds like Mr. Tuck needs to be sure that the five year extension lasts beyond the date the Restrictive Convenant expires. Sure sounds like his ultimate plan is to close the entire Country Club and sell the land for housing development. Maybe the City Commission needs to force the demolishion because the current status of the abandoned buildings is unsafe. Maybe at least a chain link fence should be erected around the three buildings to keeps people out and avoid injury.

  3. Guess John does not play the other two “nines”. There are dogs and people roaming all three courses. How ’bout the guy on 7 South who rides his cart around the course with his dog running along and who plays Frisbee with the dog on the golf course. And how about 8 East where one frequently sees children walking across the fairway. And then we have the folks who walk their dogs regularly around 8 green and 9 tee on the South. Just saying, John……. .

  4. We’ve never run into “rude homeowners” on the north course, and have enjoyed playing it very much. It’s a great place for less competitive players who play for fun. Just had to pipe up. Love the water challenges, particularly.

  5. Hopefully this moves us one step closer to ridding the club of the North Course. The homeowners on the North treat the North as a park and it is difficult to actually play on the course without running into a rude homeowner that thinks they have the right to do yoga or walk their dogs down the middle of the fairway.

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