Leon County Employment Declines for the 6th Consecutive Month

Leon County Employment Declines for the 6th Consecutive Month

The latest employment data shows that the number of people employed in Leon County has declined for the 6th month in a row.

The losses began in November, 2014 when employment fell by 1,327 jobs. This loss was followed by job losses of 553 in December, 408 in January, 253 in February, 732 in March and now, 474 in April.

In October employment stood at 145,964. Since that time, Leon County employment has fallen to 142,246 for a loss of 3,718 jobs.

During April, employment in Florida grew by 24,000 with gains reported in the North Florida counties of Escambia, Santa Rosa, and Okaloosa. Leon and Bay counties reported job losses.

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  1. I seem to recall a state Commerce department study (albeit, unfortunately, a case of GIGO) of the balance of industry sectors, with the expectation of a big increase in computer software, some computer hardware and related business taking off.

    Well, we did have Mycroft Labs (assembler, loader/link editor, graphics software, early dial-up smart terminal emulator that was plagiarized by an outfit in Atlanta…) though the advertising savvy for international marketing was (is?) lacking, and then the famous SoftKlone as a semi-spin-out from Mycroft (on the east side of Magnolia, best known for having plagiarized that terminal emulator back), and then the legal records management software outfit. Oh, and a couple people from Felonious State U started a privacy violation tools (idiot kkkards, etc.) spin out.

    Lots of bodyshops/ consultants/ temp/ consulting/ contingent outfits, though…a scourge on the land throughout USA.

    It is not only locally that “disposable income has been disposed”. In Silli Valley & environs, average STEM incomes (high compared to gross national averages & medians) have been below what is required for a starter home mortgage for years.

  2. Tallahassee has only ONE industry–the production of Bachelor of Science degrees. The “finished” product is immediately exported, with a negative, 100% trade imbalance. Those graduates who decide to remain here, can explore careers in auto sales, fast food, lawn care, pest extermination or sports merchandise. Also, when was the last meaningful pay raise for state employees? This is what happens when disposable income has been disposed.

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