Tallahassee’s Best Selling Author, Peter Schweizer, Ignored By Local Media

Tallahassee’s Best Selling Author, Peter Schweizer, Ignored By Local Media

Best selling writer Peter Schweizer, who’s most recent work – Clinton Cash – is currently #3 on the New York Times Best selling list, has been ignored by the local media.
Other than a visit on WFLA’s Morning Show with Preston Scott, Schweizer has not scored any local coverage in the Tallahassee Democrat, on WFSU, or WCTV.

Why is this news?

Not only does Mr. Schweizer live in Tallahassee, the investigative research organization he founded, the Government Accountability Institute (GAI), is located in Tallahassee. GAI employees that live in Tallahassee helped produce Clinton Cash! You would think that would be news.

New York Times called “Clinton Cash” the most anticipated and feared book in a presidential cycle. So, while the New York Times, 60 Minutes, the Washington Post, Fox News and MSNBC provide coverage of a book that has captured the attention of the nation, no local media outlets have found the time to pursue a story about the author who resides in Tallahassee.

The New York Times Best Sellers Page, May 31, 2015

You say Mr. Schweizer must be aloof and unavailable.

He recently appeared at the Tiger Bay luncheon, which I am told drew a large crowd and is a rather accessible venue, but it was not worthy of any coverage. Yet, Tiger Bay Speaker Charlie Crist, in April 2014, received coverage in the local Gannett paper under the headline, “Crist speaks to Tiger Bay, Embraces Obama’s ACA.”

You say he is a one hit wonder.

Have you heard of Throw Them All Out and Extortion – both New York Times best sellers?

In 2012, Schweizer’s book, Throw Them All Out, was the basis for a comprehensive report on CBS’ 60 Minutes. The book resulted in a Federal law that addressed insider trading among members of Congress. The research was non-partisan in that it identified Democrats and Republicans who took advantage of a loop-hole in the law.

You say he must be an uneducated right-winger.

Have you heard of Oxford University? Yes, the one in England.

Mr. Schweizer has a B.A. from George Washington University and a Masters in Philosophy from Oxford University.

So, how many New York Times best-selling authors with a degree from Oxford live in Tallahassee? How many best selling authors house their research operations in Tallahassee? How many authors have had their book used as the basis for a Federal law that garnered bipartisan support and live in Tallahassee?

Exactly one.

And remember, your read about him in Tallahassee Reports.

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  1. If the Tallahassee Democrat and all the local TV stations went out of business tomorrow, would anyone really notice?…………..Social media, blogs and the 24 hour news networks are the source of information in all US communities these days. Peter Schweizer is definitely a “major asset” for Tallahassee…………….unfortunately, nobody in the local media has the intellect to figure it out. Maybe Mr. Schweizer needs to do a piece on how the Mayor uses public funds to further his political career and why he accepts a City salary to run for Governor. As a close ally of the Clinton’s has the Mayor adopted their ethical standards? Maybe Mr. Schweizer can “shine the light” on “A Clinton Mayor”!!!!!

  2. I’m sure it has something to do with the fact that our idiot mayor is campaigning for Hillary (probably on our dime when he should be working on local issues.) The Democrat swears that their name has nothing to do with their political views but this right here is all the proof you need to dispute that claim. I saw an interview with Peter Schweizer on Fox News this morning and in the background was the Tallahassee skyline which made me curious as to why I haven’t heard anything about him before. I already get most of my national news from infowars.com… I guess I’ll start getting my local news from Tallahasseereports.com.

  3. The Democrat has ignored the revelations and implications of Clinton Cash and now I will ignore the Democrat. I cancelled my subscription and my money now goes to Tallahassee Reports.

  4. The clown took his act to the Space Coast, but the circus remains in town.
    Will Tallahasseans ever come to their senses and stop wasting their hard-earned dollars on a product whose objective is to take money out of our community, and send it to McLean to line the pockets of corporate pinheads?
    The sooner they do, the quicker Gannett will shed itself of The Democrat.
    It will be interesting to see what happens later this summer, when Gannett splits the company into two entities – one for debt-free newspapers (Gannett), and another for their broadcast division (to be called Tenga.)

    Gannett: Let My People Go!

  5. Peter has spoken to The Rotary Club of Tallahassee multiple times. His team’s work is so needed. And he seems to be very accessible.

  6. Peter’s books have had a consistent theme. He goes after those in a position of political leadership that have “abused” their power. Whether it be “crony capitalism”, “legal” insider trading and “frontrunning” in the US Congress and now the Clinton’s financial dealings. Going after corrupt politicians should not be a “partisan” issue because neither party as a whole has “clean hands”. Both Democrats and Republicans have squandered taxpayers $$$, while lining their pockets and those of their donors/campaign contributors. Bravo for Peter Schweizer for “calling them out” regardless and where the chips may fall.

  7. He is a great speaker! We at NEBA are very excited that he will be our guest speaker in August. It really is unfortunate that he gets so much well deserved national publicity and no local! It is my understanding that he has also been looking into Jeb Bush’s finances, so that makes him an equal opportunity critic!

  8. I will bet you money they will interview him when he publishes his book on Jeb Bush and his money trail. The Democrat makes their bias known on many levels but in a town dominated by the left you must play to your audience.

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