The Mystery of Silver Airways Flight 134

The Mystery of Silver Airways Flight 134

On June 25, 2015, Silver Airways flight 134 took off from Fort Lauderdale with 34 people on board headed to Tallahassee, Florida.

However, during the flight, somewhere over the Gulf of Mexico, a passenger left his seat and headed for the row of seats where the exit door is located. He then reached over passenegers on that row and tried to open the exit door.

A male passenger grabbed the man and then the unruly passenger lunged again to get to the exit door.

One source told TR:

The flight attendant attempted to keep him from opening the door and the man slapped the flight attendant. The flight attendant quickly diffused the situation and the man went back towards his seat, but refused to sit down. The attendant went to the front of the plane and stated over the PA that if the man in the back doesn’t sit down, he will have him arrested when we arrive into Tallahassee.

What happens next remains the mystery of Flight 134.

When the plane landed, sources tell TR that they expected law enforcement to enter the plane and remove the unruly passenger.

Instead, the passengers were told to leave the plane and the “problem” passenger remained.

There was no law enforcement waiting.

“I thought it was weird” said one passenger.  “But I did not give it a lot of thought. I was just relieved to be on the ground. But when I did not see anything on the news, I called the airport and security officials knew nothing of the incident”

One passenger called the FAA, TSA, and the Marshall’s Office and received the run around.

Sources at the Tallahassee Airport tell TR that the incident was not reported to security officials. If so, the passenger would have been detained until Federal officials were notified.

Was anyone in danger?

One passenger told TR that “I felt like everyone’s life was in danger and something should have been done on behalf of law enforcement.”

A quick google search indicates that incident’s of this nature usually ends in an arrest.

TR verified the events of Flight 134, independently, with four different sources.

Silver Airways have yet to respond to our inquiry.

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  1. Latest update from the FAA dated Nov. 3, 2015:

    Hi Ms. Crump,

    This matter is still being investigated by the Southern Region. I have not yet received a closeout response from that office. I will inquire of the status today. FYI, it is customary for investigations to take several months if a lot of detail is involved. I thank you for your patience. As soon as I receive the closeout response I will provide it to you.

    Thank you again for your patience.


  2. Latest Update from Silver Airways:

    Dear Mrs. Crump,

    Good afternoon.

    In response to your request for information from our Director of Safety, Security and Regulatory Compliance, Silver Airways has been, and continues to, cooperate with the relevant and appropriate government authorities and cannot provide further details in connection therewith.

    We thank you for your assistance.


    Bryan P. Winters
    General Counsel

    Bryan P. Winters | General Counsel

  3. I was on the flight while in orlando i this guy and him if he was the flight attendant on the flight and he said yes and he remember me he said he had called for the police and the captain did not call them and hes was fired by the company after the FAA called to get answer

    So I guess he was let go for speak to the FAA
    He was just as upset and he dont know the man because he wish able to call the police him self.

    1. WHAT? OMG! First, I can’t believe you’ve flown with Silver again after that incident. Second, thank you for this update! The flight attendant did seem concerned and shaken by the incident. So the captain is the culprit, huh? And he was fired? GOOD! He deserved to be.

  4. Could it have been that this guy and the flight attendant knew each other and were having a lover’s spat??? Explains the slap, easily diffused and not reported.

  5. The gentleman in question will either be someone under “diplomatic immunity” or the son of a political power player.

    1. I tried. I called Silver Airways and filed a report. They asked for the report in writing, which I sent. Two days later when I went to their website to get their number to follow up, the number was gone. The only number available was to their corporate office and a voice mail picks up. The flight was one of those companion flights with United. I called and wrote United. They say it’s not their airline and not their flight. They are not responsible. Call Silver. Complete run around. No resolution. I’m still pushing.

  6. Like so many other things recently, maybe Silver was simply afraid of hurting that guy’s feelings. Even though your life was in danger, you feelings don’t count, apparently. Keep us posted, CC,and keep pushing for what is right!

  7. I want to clarify one piece of information. I have reported that I called the air marshal’s office and got the blow off. I don’t want anyone to think it was the US Marshal’s Office that brushed me off. It was the TSA Air Marshal’s Office. Thanks.

  8. I was on that flight and sitting in the front row. I can tell you that the flight attendant was very stressed and ready to restrain that passenger with straps if he got up again. He was on the phone several times, and I’m sure he reported the incident to the pilots.

    1. Wow – from where we were (8A), we couldn’t see what he was doing, and we were stressed out and worried the man would try it again. We’re going to get answers to this.

  9. I am sure Steve will have an update, but I spoke the the FAA spokeswoman this afternoon and she offered a written response. The short version is that Silver Airlines did not consider the event to be serious. No, I am not kidding. Based on what passengers stated it was indeed serious and a violation of federal law. The airline may be trying to avoid publicity. In my opinion, what happened is not the fault of the airline, what happened subsequent to the incident is its responsibility. I hope passengers file a complaint.

    1. The problem I’m having is who to file a complaint with. The FAA, TSA, the airport, the city, the airline, who?

      1. It will be the FAA. The FAA handles anything that happens in the air, TSA on the ground with screening. Feel free to contact me for information from their Media Department on the procedure to do so.

    1. Honestly, if the City Commission doesn’t do anything then it is their fault if something happens in the future. Where is the deterrent here? I have flown on Silver Airways and have been fine but I am now concerned about future flights. The incident itself is nobodies fault except this mystery man’s but the subsequent handling of this situation by Silver is their fault. If TPD or LCSO was involved and there is no arrest for assault, or any one of the multiple felonies of trying to open the emergency door then they are at fault.

      They should lose their ability to operate in tallahassee as a result of this!

    1. About 6’1 or 6’2″, 250+, African American man in his late 40’s or 50’s. Wearing very nice suit and shoes. He was speaking a foreign language I did not recognize.

    1. I was on the plane and how stupid do I feel for not getting pics or video. We were so dumbfounded by what was happening and we were scared to death. And, it happened so fast.

  10. Certainly the airline knows who the passenger was, because they have a roster of who checks in for the flight. Could it be that it was an air marshal and they don’t want to squeal for fear of retaliation? Could it be that all of the airport officials were busy polishing the new “International Airport” sign in preparation for the events from this past Monday? Either way, I’m sure there are 33 people who’d like to know what the hell happened to the guy. Why didn’t someone tell TPD when they got to the terminal?

  11. For what conceivable, common-sense reason would Silver Airways NOT report the incident?! From similar past incidents (or even ones involving far lesser threats such as unruly or drunk passengers), the general procedure is the pilot/aircrew restraining the passenger, contacting the destination airport, reporting the situation and requesting that law enforcement be present at landing to make an arrest. In a serious offense (such as this one: attempted murder or sabotage of the plane by a passenger), the plane would probably be told to remain out on the tarmac, far from the gate and buildings, and law enforcement would board and arrest the passenger. Silver Airways may have violated FAA standard procedure, but that’s almost beside the point: there may be some far worse explanation behind the incident other than the aircrew “fumbling” the incident. Was the aircrew ordered to stand down and simply “scold” the passenger, or even let him go? Could a possible terrorist have been deliberately released by this incident? If so, for what reason and who is ordering that outcome? Has anyone contacted Silver Airways and/or the aircrew members and asked for an explanation? Is the passenger still unreported and allowed to board another flight as they please? The situation defies common sense and logic, as much in our present government and law enforcement often does at present.

    1. I was on the plane in the seat behind the exit row where this occurred. I contacted the airline and was told to submit my complaint in writing. I did and received an email saying “thank you.”

  12. This is a huge story. As an addendum, I spent Wednesday afternoon on the phone with the TSA. First, it is ridiculous to report or inquire about an incident. Second, one member of the “Contact Center”, where you are directed to report an incident, said he knew of the incident. However, minutes later a superior said it was NOT reported. It all makes you wonder. This is a serious breach and the airline needs to be held accountable.

  13. If no one notifies the Police how are they supposed to know there was an in flight event?? I would think it would be pretty obvious that someone who tries to open the door in flight and commits a battery on a flight attendant was certainly a threat to the safety of the passengers and crew. Who dropped the ball??

    1. I agree. How can law enforcement do anything if they don’t know about it?

      I was on the plane seated right behind the man in the exit row. Afterwards, I called the FAA, TSA, the Marshal’s Office, and the FBI. I was blown off by all four. I called the airline and was asked to send an email to the customer service department, which I did. I received an email back that said thank you for reporting. UNBELIEVABLE.

      The airline is responsible for reporting. Thank you Steve and Preston for pursuing!

  14. This is tres weird alright.

    I also find it strange (but grateful for the other passengers) that this man was “quickly diffused”…..these types aren’t usually calmed so easily…that flight attendant should be a hostage negotiator.

    And who’s to say it won’t happen again by this nut….why no legal follow-up?..why does it seem this person is untouchable?

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