BREAKING NEWS: Pons to Seek Re-Election, Sets Up Race with Maddox

BREAKING NEWS: Pons to Seek Re-Election, Sets Up Race with Maddox

Current Superintendent Jackie Pons has told Tallahassee Reports he will file to run for re-election at the end of this month or the first week in August.

“I look forward to talking about the positive things with our school district and my leadership. We have one of the highest performing school districts in the state of Florida, and when the recession hit, I did not complain about money, I worked hard to keep things together,” said Pons.

Pons’ decision to run has been one of the most talked about decisions among political insiders.

With the negative publicity that has hit the school district over the last year, many thought Pons would not run.

However, it appears Pons believes the facts that have come out over the last year will allow him to respond to any criticism any opponent may have.

The race sets up a huge political battle with current City Commissioner Scott Maddox, but more importantly it may require donors to choose between friends….or maybe not.

One high profile political donor told Tallahassee Reports ” I am going to give them both money. Then I am going to keep my head down and my mouth shut and hope one of them gets out before election day.”

Pons said about the showdown with Maddox, this race “could be the last for the loser, no doubt about it.”

We will have more on Pons’ decision and it’s ramifications next week.

UPDATE: Maddox responds.

City Commissioner Scott Maddox, when contacted by TR had this to say about Pons running for re-election: “Failed audits, stealing of district materials, indictments, cocaine in county vehicles, probable cause found by a federal magistrate and the FBI seizes the district server. Not a sterling record for re-election”

5 Responses to "BREAKING NEWS: Pons to Seek Re-Election, Sets Up Race with Maddox"

  1. Forget you Jackie,but a bunch of dedicated, competent, teachers did teach those students. Another factor heavily affecting performance is the influence of one of the best educated bodies of parents in the state as required by state government and two major universities and a thriving college/occupational institution

  2. I really wish Maddox would stay on the City Commission because he is the ONLY one with any guts to challenge this terrible city commission/staff. Pons may have his faults, but I admire him for not backing down.

  3. Are you kidding me?? I had hoped Pons would have bowed out in light of all the negative construction activities. Plus, with the recent revelation that the required bid cutoff is $325,000, the question needs to be asked, “what non-construction and other smaller construction contracts went unbidded”. Obviously, he held off on his announcement until the COUNTY paid attorney presented its very ambiguous report. Good grief.

    1. I recently moved out of your area, and one thing that has always bothered me about this man is, he has no chin! How on earth does he change a pillow case?

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