BREAKING NEWS: Leon County Employment Continues Downward Slide

BREAKING NEWS: Leon County Employment Continues Downward Slide

The latest state of Florida employment data was released on Friday and for the eighth consecutive month Leon county has loss jobs.

However, unlike last month, this month’s loss of 321 jobs follows a statewide trend of job losses. At the state level, Florida lost 79,000 jobs in June after adding 43,000 jobs in May.

In addition to Leon county other North Florida locations losing jobs include Escambia county (lost 515 jobs) and Alachua (lost 3,040 jobs).

North Florida locations bucking the state trend include Oakloosa county (added 1,027 jobs) and Bay county (added 743 jobs).

Since October 2014, Leon County has loss 6,735 jobs.


2 Responses to "BREAKING NEWS: Leon County Employment Continues Downward Slide"

  1. Where is the details? What jobs? Who is closing , leaving, or moving jobs? Ask them why.

    Stats are meaningless without context.

  2. It looks like the City’s Anti Business Attitude and Culture is working its magic.

    Let’s see how the Capital City is doing:
    High government pensions and govt employees double dip program where you can early retire and continue working.- example Willie Meggs,
    Increasing Taxes. – See Increase Property Taxes
    Growing Bureaucracy. – See new hires by Mayor&City Mgr.
    Lack of up mobility. – See NY Times Article
    Shrinking tax base. – See Labor Stats.
    Rising Crime rate.(highest in State) – See State Stats.

    Pretty soon we will look like Greece or Detroit!

    Vote for Hope & Change – keep electing the same People over and over again and expect change.

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