Andy Alcock is Headed to Kansas City

Andy Alcock is Headed to Kansas City

Tallahassee’s loss is Kansas City’s gain.

Andy Alcock, the former WCTV investigative reporter, told Tallahassee Reports he has taken a job with KSHB, a NBC affiliate, in Kansas City Missouri.  Alcock will be part of a five-member investigative team.

Alcock told Tallahassee Reports he tried to stay in Tallahassee.

“My wife and I love Tallahassee but the job opportunities were severely limited. My son fit in great at his elementary school and we looked forward to retiring here, but things changed,” said Alcock.

As we previously reported, after the news director he was hired under abruptly left after his first year, things began to change. Stan Sanders, the new News Director, began to curtail Alcock’s responsibilities by removing him as an anchor on the six o’clock news.

Then GM Nick Waller took a promotion and left town.

There were rumors about elected officials complaining about his aggressive style. Eventually, several elected officials, including Mayor Gillum, refused to grant interviews.

But now, eighth months later, Sanders, the news director that removed Alcock, was asked to resign.

Sources tell TR that Mr. Sanders was horrible for station morale and as more reporters left the source of the problem became obvious.

If Alcock could have lasted another six months, or so, things might have been different.

“It wasn’t meant to be, for whatever reason. I will look back fondly at the Tallahassee years, it was a good time to be here” said Alcock.

Ironically, moving to Kansas City is viewed as a promotion in the TV reporting industry. Tallahassee is ranked as the 106th market, while Kansas City is ranked 31st.

7 Responses to "Andy Alcock is Headed to Kansas City"

  1. I had wondered what had happened to this really good reporter: one of very few who would actually ask the “right” question. We need more of this type in the reporting industry. What a shame for the network that let him go…

  2. Andy obviously shined his light where powerful people prefer it not be.
    Howw ill Tallahssee ever succeed and go forward as long as the corrupt government can punish those who attempt to discover the truth about their ethics and actions. A pox on WCTV for knuckling under to the government’s annoyed calls that they shut Andy up. Like the Democrat, they may call them selves “journalists” but they are just shills for those they serve.

  3. What a sad sad story for Tallahassee. The ONLY anchor that had a strong moral compass and reported the truth. Andy could take a pile of information and cram it into a few seconds so that the general population could be informed – and it would pack a punch. He didn’t back down from bullies and called a spade a spade! WCTV ought to be ashamed of themselves for losing such a good reporter. BUT – good for you Andy way to go on the promotion!

  4. Politicians complained about his aggressive interviewing style? All the more reason to do everything possible to keep him. Any sorry reporter can ask the soft questions and any sorry elected official can answer them.

  5. What a dissappointment. Tallahassee certainly lacks in good hard investgative journalism. I have provided brief info to the Democrat recently of shenanigans with the department that manages state employee retirement funds and have yet to hear from them on this. It extends to an international scandal now being investigated in Ireland and Britain.

    1. Andy Alcock was a class act. Remember his story on the million dollar airport fence deal for Harold Knowles, a friend of former Mayor John Marks?

      And what about what some regard as the mismanagement of the Bond Clinic with Antonio Jefferson as Chairman of the Board and Harold Knowles as the General Counsel?

      I understand why the Tallahassee power elite could not tolerate Andy Alcock. It is far too corrupt.

      I Wish Andy the best. I always knew he would land on his feet.

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