Leon County School Superintendent Jackie Pons Raises $108,000

Leon County School Superintendent Jackie Pons, who has weathered a turbulent year or so at the school district, proved that he still has support in the community. Pons reported today that he raised $108,000 during August. This was Pons first report since deciding to seek re-election.

Pons told Tallahassee Reports that ” I am proud and thankful for our supporters which include teachers, administrators, and others who believe in what we have been doing in the schools. I plan on making sure everyone in this district knows about the positive outcomes we have worked hard to achieve.”

Pons’ report reveals that he made a $3,000 loan to his account. Accounting for that loan, Pons reported 340 donations for a total of $105,000. That is approximately $308 per donation. The maximum donation allowed is $1,000.

Earlier today we published a story on Rocky Hanna’s first report as a candidate, it can be viewed here. Hanna raised $80,000 from donors and loaned his campaign $25,000. City Commissioner Scott Maddox has yet to file his report, but has raised $93,000 since he announced.

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