Maddox Adds $22,000 to reach $116,000 in Superintendent Race

Maddox Adds $22,000 to reach $116,000 in Superintendent Race

It is more than a year until the final votes will be cast in the race for Leon County School Superintendent and the three candidates have already raised over $300,000.

Candidate Scott Maddox reported $22,590 in donations for August to go with the $93,000 he has previously raised.

Maddox said “I’m proud of the support our campaign has received from folks who want to restore the public trust in our school district.”

Given the fundraising history of Pons and Maddox, it will be interesting to see how much is eventually raised in the race and if political newcomer Rocky Hanna will be able to raise enough to compete with the political veterans.

The current tally shows Maddox has raised $116,329, Pons has raised $108,479 and Hanna has raised $105,062.

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