Eagles Fall to Florida High in Double Overtime

Eagles Fall to Florida High in Double Overtime

By: Allysa Mears

The North Florida Eagles faced the Florida High Seminoles Friday night in an adrenaline pumping, close game. In recent years, the two teams have become close local rivals, but it was Florida High that came out on top 38-35 for the fourth year in a row.

The Friday night game started out rough for the Eagles when they came out on their first offensive drive and quarterback Avery Thomas’ first pass was intercepted by the Seminoles.  NFC’s defense quickly rebounded off of the error and players Jalen Norwood and TreDez Jones led in a strong defensive stop.

After 14 unanswered points by the Seminoles in the first quarter, Jay Harrison from the Eagles ran in their first touchdown of the game in the second quarter. Armunz Matthews helped lead the offense down the field last night with 12 successful receptions for 140 yards.  Korey Charles was no stranger with the ball last night either, with two touchdowns in the fourth quarter. The second touchdown tied the score up 28-28 with two minutes left on the clock, forcing the game into overtime.

Terrell Powell rushes for 28 yards and a touchdown after catching a pass from quarterback Avery Thomas.

The Seminoles had the ball first in overtime, and Isaiah Hill quickly rushed into the end zone for a touchdown, but the Eagles did not waste any time with the ball in their hands. Nate Shafer caught a long pass from quarterback, Avery Thomas, for a touchdown, tying the score up again at 35-35.

In the second overtime, the Eagles were forced into a back-to-back offensive sequence, which led to communication errors between the quarterback and the offensive line. Center, Alex Clark, snapped the ball and Thomas was not ready; the Eagles fumbled and the Seminoles recovered. Kicker for the Seminoles, Chase Allbaugh, kicked the winning field goal in double overtime, leaving the Eagles feeling crushed.

The NFC Eagles will return strong next week at home against close rival Maclay for homecoming.


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