Edison Owner Resigns from City Board

Edison Owner Resigns from City Board

Today, Tallahassee Reports was notified that Adam Corey has resigned his position on the Tallahassee Housing Authority (THA) board.

On September 9th Tallahassee Reports published an article detailing relationships between the Gunster Law Firm and the City of Tallahassee.

The report addressed potential conflicts between Lila Jaber, the Chairman of the City’s Ethics Board and Adam Corey, the current owner of the Edison restaurant in Cascades Park and a member of the Tallahassee Housing Authority. The article can be read here.

Since that report Lila Jaber has resigned from the Ethics Board and Mr. Corey has resigned from Gunster Law and the THA.

Yesterday Tallahassee Reports talked to the legal counsel of the Tallahassee Housing Authority and the City Attorney’s office about potential conflicts of interest with THA Board member Adam Corey.

Mr. Larry White, the legal counsel to THA said he would have to seek more information before making any comments about conflicts.  The City Attorney, Mr Shelley, did not return our calls.

Our report can be viewed here.

Mr. Corey resigned from the THA Board via email on September 19, 2015.

As of yesterday, Mr. Corey was still listed on THA’s website and the City’s website as a member of the Board.

17 Responses to "Edison Owner Resigns from City Board"

    1. Think of this:

      Whenever you eat a meal at the Edison, Sean Pittman, who has lobbied on behalf of a tobacco company, will be stuffing money into his pockets as one of Edison’s reported investors.

      If this is not nauseating, what is? Perhaps it is time for all of us to consider a boycott of the Edison.

      This would send a powerful message to all of Gillum’s cronies that enough is enough.

      1. Great point, good doctor.
        Here’s a homework assignment for you:
        Which city commissioner bought a house last year for $425,000 with a taxable valuation of only $242,000? (After a $50K homestead deduction, of course.)

      2. I saw, I went, I ate and drank over $100.00. I can tell you that I will not be back! A shame. A great venue deserves great owners. Not happening here!

  1. thanks steve for the great reporting you and your staff are doing. i agree with the comment that peggy made and terry ryan made.i just shake my head with everything that is going on with our city officals.one
    thanks again
    and god bless

  2. Sir you just keep getting better and better with your reporting and I for one am glad to see it. Keep up the good work Steve.

  3. If anyone believes that the fix was not in on this deal, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I would like to sell you.

    TR, please keep digging. Let’s hope we get a new State Attorney in the next election that knows how to investigate and prosecute white collar criminals because Willy has not been up to the job.

  4. I would like to know how a Governmental Affairs Consultant with a good education in that field is suddenly the owner of two downtown restaurants, high end (menu expensewise) with absolutely no restaurant experience, let alone no known experience in running a business, has garnered a considerable sum of tax payer funds to back at least one of these businesses??

    TR keep up the great investigative reporting to learn who the investors are on both businesses. What is 101’s status with their liquor license?

    1. I’m still waiting to read if the 101 is in the red six figures, like I’ve heard from a very credible source who would know.
      Because IF that’s true, giving Corey my tax money to start another one would be a dereliction of duty for our Commisars, for failing due diligence.
      Of course, that would be far from the first time.

  5. I think you reported that Corey is a member of CRA? If so there is another “job” he should give up by resigning.

  6. Seems like confirming that Corey actually worked for the THA Board would have been an important thing to do. Surely your reporting standards go beyond just going with what’s listed on a web site.

    1. Joe, as I report, we talked to the legal counsel of the THA and the City Attorney’s office yesterday and during each conversation mention Corey’s name and asked about conflicts moving forward. It appears they did not know he resigned. I believe it was made public for the first time this morning.

    2. Joe, If you look at all of the stories involving the “insiders” you will notice a trend. When their actions and activities are uncovered things change, and quickly. Corey’s resignation appears to be retroactive. Now the question becomes how much his involvement may have violated ethical guidelines, perhaps laws. Good reporting is doing what our useless “independent” ethics officer will never do…create change.

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